JBL “Pulse” Combines Outstanding Sound With Innovative LED Light Show


JBL has today announced its new product called Pulse, an audio system that promises to deliver high-fidelity JBL sound with an innovative multi-dimensional light show that will bring your music to life. The portable speaker, which features integrated Bluetooth and NFC technologies for seamless pairing with compatible devices, offers room-filling JBL sound with an eye-catching, programmable LED light show.


From five pre-programmed light themes to many more downloadable options, you can choose to match your music or exercise your own creative touch by customizing the patterns of brightness and colour.

JBL Pulse will change the way you enjoy music,” said Michael Mauser, President of HARMAN Lifestyle. “You’ll be amazed how much more immersive the listening experience can be, with a lightshow perfectly synched in brightness and color with the music.”

Take your music with you wherever you go, and liven up any get-together with a Multi-LED light show. JBL Pulse is a wireless sound and vision treat for the eyes and ears that gives you new ways to enjoy your favorite tunes. JBL Pulse streams your music from any portable device via Bluetooth. Enhance the music with your choice of programmed or customizable light themes. JBL Pulse’s sound is a stereo punch, clear and powerful, and portable enough to turn anyplace into a party space.

JBL Pulse can go anywhere and deliver wireless fun for up to 10 hours of music or 5 hours of music and light show, thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The Pulse can be purchased for $199 directly from JBL’s website or at select Best Buy stores.


  • Z S

    “Bluetooth streaming” and “high fidelity” are not phrases that usually co-exist. There’s no way it’ll sound that good unless you’re plugged right in.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    What about AirPlay? I know the people reviewing the B&O airplay speakers on the apple store website were impressed.

  • fallsilent

    Why is this even on here? I thought iPhone in Canada was for things available to Canada. How about doing some research before doing an article for something not even available to Canada? Go to the JBL website, they don’t ship to Canada nor are these in Best Buy or Future Shop. So before you go copy and paste somebody else’s news, make sure your info is correct.