More Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Pre-Orders Have Shipped in Canada


Apple’s iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 pre-orders launched back on Friday, September 9th at 12:01AM PDT.

Those who made Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus pre-orders immediately probably thought they would get their phone by the September 16th launch day, but that didn’t happen, since Apple said iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black was in heavy demand and sold out.

Our pre-order confirmation email was received at 12:04AM PDT on September 9th and we still received a shipping period of September 27 to October 4, which of course was disappointing.

But early this morning, we received a shipping notification for our 128GB iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black (probably one of the most popular configurations). While Apple’s delivery timeline says by September 23, tracking via UPS says it will arrive earlier on Tuesday, September 20.

So as expected, Apple under promised and over delivered, which is great.

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Have you received your Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus pre-order yet? Did you get a shipping notification?


  • Jamie

    Word for word the exact same thing happened to me. Let’s just hope UPS’s 20th date is the real one and not Apple’s 23rd!

  • Hany

    Got mine and delivery date is Tuesday Sep 20 according to UPS. iPhone 7 Jet black 128gb

  • Darrin

    My order went through at 12:06 am for a 256G jet black plus. Oct 5-12 window. It’s in preparing for shipment status. Hope the delivery date will be rolled forward. Was up at 3 am yesterday morning and got a 256G matte black reserved and picked it up at Coquitlam. Really like it but have 15 days to return it. Can’t wait to see a demo 7 plus in jet black in the stores.

  • Guest

    wonder if that means some of the preorders in store like bestbuy will happen this week too.

  • Darrin

    I know a lot of ? employees well and they told me preorder jet blacks will ship before any are sold in the stores. Hopefully that accounts for Best Buy and carriers. Good luck

  • Rahul

    I got notification two days saying it will be delivered on Sep 20. Wonder why tracking shows it is shipping from china. Straight from factory ? Usually it says shipped from CA when I ordered in the past.

  • ottoes

    Anyone who ordered the 128GB in Jet Black, with an original date of Oct 4th to 12th, have theirs switch to “preparing for shipment”?

  • Alan

    mine still shows processing items

  • Chartrand Michel

    Preorder with telus . rumours told 3-4 weeks of delay for the +.
    Canadian carrier take a blast with this launch.
    How can you do a iphone massive launch with a shortage like this?
    Apple got the answer…

  • Rahul

    Maybe this is indication of Apple iPhone upgrade program in Canada. Mess up the deal with carriers or over charge them so they could get off deal and Apple can implement iPhone upgrade program here. I firmly Belive big 3s holding off Apple to bring iPhone upgrade program.

  • Dave

    Mine As well!

  • Vtec96

    Mine order was placed on 12:09 and the ship date is oct 5-12….
    Still processing item…….. sux

  • Sam

    same 🙁 the wait continues…

  • Shaun

    Mine is now showing preparing for shipment with delivery of October 3-11 and there is a pending charge for the cost of the phone on my CC. Hoping it ships asap

  • Vtec96

    Most oct 4-12 are now shipped so I guess we ar next batch….(knock on wood)

  • MrBambinoDent

    256gb JB 7+, confirmation email at :09, originally scheduled for Oct. 5th-12th!
    Changed to preparing for shipment with pending charge on my credit card, still no tracking or support page update!
    Hope it makes it here before the end of the week!

  • Riley Freeman

    i ordered at the same time but chose the matte black, It said between 23-28 originally and i got the shipping notification last week. UPS says its scheduled to be here tomorrow but there hasnt been an update to UPS since Thursday

    edit – I ordered 256gb

  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    I’ve been #2 in line with Fido’s registration system since last Thursday morning, still “In Process” for a 128GB Black 7 Plus – hoping they get these moving sooner rather than later. I picked up a non plus model at launch from Apple directly but my intention is to renew my contract with Fido when my reservation comes in. I have a 2 week return window to bring the 7 back to the Apple Store, hopefully the Plus comes in before then.

  • OliChabot

    Hope we’ll have some numbers regarding how many 7’s were sold. I dont think they sold that much tbh…

  • Ace

    Same here, it sucks that for other people with same delivery dates its already preparing for shipment.

  • Karew

    Me too… my order was placed at 12:14 and ship date is between Oct 5-12… and status is processing item…

  • Peter

    My Jet black pre-order from Rogers was cancelled and escalation has not got back to me. My Jet Black pre-order from Apple arrives tomorrow morning (Sept 20th) and I will be porting my phone number to Bell since Rogers f’d me.

  • Connor Mackenzie

    2nd in line with Rogers for 128 gb jet black iPhone 7 and still haven’t gotten anything….

  • Daily Headlines

    I pre-ordered with Telus too. No news at all on shipment.

  • Janice Tam

    People in the States that have November delivery dates are already getting it tomorrow and/or sometime this week. Has anyone that ordered jet black 128gb gotten Oct 5-12 gotten their shipment notification yet? My CC hasn’t even been pre-charged yet

  • MrBambinoDent

    Estimated delivery Oct. 5-12th, order confirmation received at :09.
    I got charged over the weekend and changed to preparing for shipment but no tracking info and the phone didn’t show up on Apple Support profile yet!

  • Ssscarface

    Yeah me 2 ordered as soon as the apple store came online 7 plus jet black still “processing” estimated delivery Oct 5th-12.Damn i wish they deliver our phones soon.

  • Darrin

    Holy smokes. My 256G jet black that I ordered at 12:04 am on the 9th has shipped with a delivery of 9/22. What the ?

  • Darrin

    It had an Oct 5-12 delivery window originally

  • Jamie

    Seems Apple was right and UPS was wrong. Supposed to deliver today, but shows in Korea…

  • MrBambinoDent

    Same here with my 256 JB ordered at :09!
    Good start to the day 😀

  • Darrin

    Yeah. I checked at 4 am and haven’t been able to sleep since. It’s like Christmas!

  • Darrin

    Yeah. They’re probably taking the battery out of your iPhone and replacing it with one from Samsung!

  • MrBambinoDent

    Update: mine shipped today with delivery estimate of Thursday the 22nd!

  • Janice Tam

    UGHHHHHH where’s mineeeeee
    Sigh is it because i received my confirmation at 12:14
    and I’ve tried everyday to get a reso – with no luck
    such a fail.

  • Janice Tam

    side note – it looks like everything shipping for that time frame is a 256gb?

  • MrBambinoDent

    For two days before mine shipped most of the Jet Blacks that were shipped were 128s! 256s were kind late!

  • MrBambinoDent

    Delivery rescheduled to Friday the 23rd!

  • Riley Freeman

    the ups updates were behind i noticed on mine until it made it to the US.

  • MikeyEdge

    i pre-ordered through bell but no sign of life yet from them, they said mid october but that doesn’t mean anything , that’s just them saying please wait while we try to fix this whole mess

  • Jamie

    Update: My JB 7+ is on truck for delivery today. Original delivery window was Sep27-Oct04, first update window was Sep23rd, second update window was Sep20th, final update window (hopefully) is today Sep21st as it’s finally on truck for delivery. What a roller coaster!!

  • Yahoo!

  • KainsLegion

    same here. Ordered through bell on Sept 9 and only see “You are in the Order Queue” and nothing more. Also got the same report of them saying could be 3-4 weeks (or less), which is just a random place holder since they don’t know.

  • Jamie

    Got it today and it’s glorious! Gary, did you get yours? I assume we were on the same boat…so to speak

  • Got it yesterday!

  • AK

    Order email confirmation at :14, original delivery date was Oct 5-12. My credit card was processed yesterday and status turned to preparing for shipment today. Anyone know how long it will take to arrive?