Julian Assange Documentary ‘Risk’ Hits iTunes Canada as Exclusive


The documentary on Julian Assange, titled Risk, is now available in Canada exclusively on iTunes. The movie is still showing in theatres but can now be purchased or rented only in iTunes, until June 6, when it hits other platforms.


Here’s the synopsis of the movie, which was filmed over six years, through the 2016 presidential election to present day, with full access to Assange:

The Academy Award-winning director of Citizenfour turns her camera on WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange, offering an intimate portrait of the cypherpunk underground in an era of ever-increasing surveillance and secrecy.

Click here to rent or buy ($7.99/$17.99) Risk in iTunes.


  • It’s Me

    Wonder whether they’ll portray his hiding away as being because of his wiki leaks activity or because of his sexual assault convictions. I hope the don’t portray a predator as a martyr.

  • Léon

    How do you know he is a sexual predator? Were you there in Sweden when the alleged sexual assault took place? You must’ve witnessed personally at least one when you are so ready to label him in such a way. There is no sexual assault conviction, let alone convictions, check the facts. Not liking someone is not enough to declare that person a criminal.

  • Decodering


    There is a very good documentary on Netflix that was made a couple of years ago on Wikileaks/Julian Assange that definitely does not paint Mr. Assange in a flattering light. However, there is no clear evidence that he actually committed the crimes of which he has been accused, and Sweden’s odd refusal to question Assange under otherwise acceptable conditions only adds to the mystery.

    But our collective propensity to assume the guilt or innocence of someone because we don’t like him or her for whatever reason (or the same done in the media so that it sort of adds up to sentencing without a trial in many cases) is socially damaging.

  • Somnambulist

    I have NO feelings one way or another concerning Assange but he is doing everything he can to AVOID facing the legal system. Not a sure sign of guilt but an arrow for sure. By the same token how do you know that he did NOT sexually assault anyone? Your logic is flawed and sounds like a desperate attempt to be fair and impartial.

  • Léon

    Just the opposite, your logic is flawed: nowhere in my comment have I claimed that he is not guilty. I am not shielding him from any responsibility for whatever he may have done but from declaring him a convicted sexual predator on the basis of antipathy. I merely stated that in order to label someone a criminal, it takes facts, evidence and legal conviction, not personal feelings. As for him avoiding the legal system, these are the facts: in 2010, Swedish prosecutor refused Assange’s offer to question him via video link or in person at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, stating that the Swedish law prevented her from doing that. After receiving criticism from the legal community in Sweden, she changed her mind and agreed to interrogate him at the London embassy. She didn’t do that in agreed timeframe and let the statute of limitations expire on all three of the lesser allegations. In 2016, both Swedish Prosecutors and Police met with Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. It is true that Assange did refuse to go to Sweden to be questioned there because of the high degree of probability that he would be extradited to US as they are looking to prosecute WikiLeaks and him personally under the Espionage Act of 1917. And I highly value fairness and impartiality, there’s nothing desperate about it. I apologize for hijacking the comments of a tech blog for something that clearly belongs elsewhere but since I was called out, I gave my answer.

  • Tim

    I’m downloading it now, not from iTunes though.

  • Léon

    Couldn’t agree more

  • Léon

    As of today, May 19, Swedish prosecutor dropped investigation against Assange for rape and cancelled arrest warrant. Draw your own conclusions.