Kansas Nurses Call Woman ‘The Apple Watch Patient’ After Device Saves Her Life


Kansas woman Heather Hendershot has been called “The Apple Watch Patient” by several nurses after the device nearly saved her life.

Hendershot said that while she was watching TV at 9 p.m. on a Saturday her Apple Watch began notifying her that her heart rate was higher than normal at 120bpm. For reference the American Heart Association considers a normal resting heart rate to be between 60-100 bpm.

The Apple Watch alerted her of a rapid heartbeat every 10 minutes, with her resting heart rate reaching as high as 160 bpm. In an interview, she told WIBW:

“It vibrated and then it beeped at me and told me that my resting heart rate was too high. So, I checked it myself and it was correct.”

Hendershot did not feel any other symptoms of high blood pressure, so she went to bed assuming it was nothing. But thanks to her husband being a worry wart, Hendershot went to an urgent care clinic on the very next day.

The doctor quickly proceeded to send her to an emergency room where Stormont Vail Health nurses dubbed her as “The Apple Watch Patient”. After performing some tests, the emergency room doctors noticed that her thyroids are out of whack and was later diagnosed with moderate-to-severe hyperthyroidism.

Hendershot did not have any other symptoms, which surprised the endocrinologist, who treated her. She said:

“I’ve been doing this 25 years and it’s the first time ever I’ve heard someone tell me they didn’t notice anything and were later diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism.”

If the condition was not detected, it could have lead to a life-threatening thyroid storm. Hendershot said she will not be taking her Apple Watch off.

[via The Hamilton Spectator]


  • Z

    Is there a specific app for this? Or it just magically pops up if th watch detects something odd with your heart beat/rate?

  • Yoemo

    It does it by default. When I drink I always get the warning that my BPM is at 120 when I wasn’t moving.

  • My 1/2 cents

    Dumb nurses or someone left out important information.

    The watch saved the Woman’s life? I don’t think so. She only went to the doctor the very next day…not right away. It couldn’t have been that serious. Haha.

  • johnnygoodface

    Indeed the watch is setup by default to warn in case of abnormal heart rate when resting at least for 10 min (higher then 100BPM. This value can be changed in the Watch App on the phone). It happened to me twice already and both instances it was true and related to a very stressfull event.

  • awkpain

    “after the device *nearly* saved her life” 😀 Phrasing.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    “Hendershot said she will not be taking her Apple Watch off.” That brings up an interesting question of what happens when you need to charge it. I guess swapping between two Apple watches is the way to go – in case something happens during the night when most take off their Apple Watch to charge.