Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo Track “Famous” Hits Apple Music



Kanye West’s popular track “Famous” from album The Life of Pablo is now available on Apple Music and Spotify. It is also the very first song from the album that is available on any music streaming service other than Tidal. 

As pointed out by Pitchfork:

It is also the updated version of the song, which swaps the original line “she be Puerto Rican day parade wavin'” for “she in school to be a real estate agent.” 

You can listen to “Famous” here on Apple Music, and stream via Spotify at this link.


  • Tim

    and the entire album was on torrents a few days ago

  • Brad Fortin

    But Kanye, you promised that your new music would “never never never be on Apple”. I guess things got lonely over at Tidal?

  • coady

    Still seems to be the original version on iTunes

  • coady

    nvm i was listening to my own torrented one haha…….however the new one sounds slowed down

  • Yearoftherat

    Does anyone really care about Kanye anymore? Lets move on to something else more important….