Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” Hits Apple Music [u]



Kanye West’s latest album “Life of Pablo” has reached Apple Music today, confirming a Re/Code report from yesterday. Previously, the album has exclusively been available on Tidal, with West declaring the album would never be released on any other music streaming service.

However, singles from the album began appearing on Apple Music and Spotify earlier this week and now, the complete album is available.

“Probably. Because we are talking about Kanye West, so things are never locked down until they are locked down. “That’s what we believe,” said one industry source. “That’s what we understand to be the case,” said another. 

The fact that any of this is a question is a testament to Kanye West’s clout. Because in theory, his new album should have always been available on multiple streaming services, since his label, Universal Music Group, doesn’t have exclusive distribution agreements”.

The source has also learned the reason that changed Kanye West’s mind is that by moving the album outside of Tidal, it allows West to start receiving payments for the streams the album generates, as well as marketing support from his label. As long as the album was locked up on Tidal, that wasn’t going to happen.

Here’s a tweet from Yeezy saying he would like some money in a very “Kanye” way:

Update: Story updated to reflect the album is now on Apple Music.


  • Jay

    Title should be changed to… Kanye West’s “Life of Pablo” is now on Spotify and Apple Music

  • Kirk

    It’s already on Apple Music. Been there since earlier today

  • Mark Holoubek

    Yep…noticed it too. Still no 25 (Adele) though. 🙁

  • Kirk

    Yeah that’s odd. She’s trippin. Like lady, everyone already done listened to it else where lol.

  • Hah. I called it, I’m sure many other people did.
    When you’re in dire need of money, you don’t do something idiotic like limit your sales to 10% of your music listening audience.

    However, as said already, it’s Kanye…

  • Ryan

    man……he’s not in need of money, haha

  • I dunno, he openly admitted being 53Mil in debt. Unless it was just a social play he was doing.

  • Ryan

    He’s been saying and doing tons of stuff in the past 6 months to just stir people up….like he also said he was gonna run for president in 2020…..