Kayne West Wants Apple to Buy Tidal to End ‘Beef’ Between Both Music Streaming Services



On Saturday, Kanye West called on Apple to purchase Apple Music competitor Tidal, saying he wants to put an end to the “beef” between the two music streaming providers.

West said that Apple’s rivalry with Tidal is a detriment to the music industry, and he is calling on executives from both companies to come together to discuss sale terms. Specifically, he wants a meeting between Apple CEO Tim Cook, Beats co-founder Jimmy Iovine, Apple Music’s Larry Jackson, Tidal owner Jay Z, in addition to Drake. West later added Spotify co-founder and CEO Daniel Ek to the list of execs he wants at the table.

Here are a few tweets from West regarding the issue:

Even though West failed to elaborate, West is likely referring to negotiations related to a potential Tidal acquisition. In June, Apple was said to be mulling a purchase of the smaller streaming service, assumedly for access to exclusive releases.

In March, Tidal announced that it had a paid subscriber base of only 3 million users, despite an all-star content lineup. At the time, Apple Music had a total of 11 million paid subscribers, which is a figure that has grown to over 15 million customers in just a few months. However, both services pale in comparison to Spotify, which boasts over 30 million paid subscribers.

As for Apple, the company is focused on providing users with exclusive streaming music content, but it remains unclear if that means bidding for a competing service. Apple already dabbles in original content creation, including financing music videos, documentaries and other digital media.

[via Business Insider]


  • Toparm

    Kanye who?

  • yeah… I heard it was some mouthy black guy…
    Pretty sure it’s just Tracy Morgan using an alias for comedy, and this is all a huge joke.
    this Kanye has been Tracy Morgan in costume this whole time. He’s easily playing the longest and greatest joke in history.
    Can’t wait to see his award acceptance speech and follow up jokes

  • KayneWho

    Or why doesn’t he just get tidal to shut down. In 100 years, our kids don’t need to deal with tidal for sure

  • Quattro

    After Trump supporters and Kanya supporters, are there any intelligent people left in the States? Should be a question at the Canadian border… Do you support Trump or Kanya? Yes? Turn around.