Apple Finally Fixes the Keyboard in iOS 8.3 with Longer Space Bar [PIC]


IOS 8 1 3 Keyboard 800x287

As pointed out by the folks over at MacRumors, Apple has finally solved the long standing issue of accidental period key taps faced by a vast number of iOS users, by slightly changing the design of the keyboard in iOS 8.3 and making the space bar longer. The change was first observed in iOS 8.3 beta 2 now also appears to be present in the third beta of the pre-release release.

While not necessarily a bug, the design issue was an inconvenience for many users and prompted several complaints on social media and within our discussion forums. Twitter user Austin Spencer, for example, voiced his frustration rather succinctly.

@AustinSpencer_ : I.cannot.adjust to.the.period being.over.the.old .spot on.the.iPhone 6.Plus

The issue has been faced by iPhone 6 Plus users in particular, who find their Safari searches littered with periods because Apple did not extend the space bar to account for the extra space on device’s larger display. Instead, the company just made the “Go” button larger to fill the extra space. But now, the issue seems to have finally been taken care of.

Yesterday, Apple launched the third beta of iOS 8.3, which also marks the first iPhone and iPad software version to be seeded to both developers and the public for testing.


  • JB

    Next: fix that horrible SHIFT KEY coloring.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone else have an issue where the keyboard fails to load? Happens to me a few times a week, usually in messages or safari.

  • Parksy

    That is a good thing for me. My typing always looks like this.

  • Tim Stewart

    I know it’s probably just me, but I’d like to see the number and international/emoji key swapped so that they could keep all of the key locations consistent when trying to toggle them.

  • jabohn

    It’s just the safari keyboard that’s changed. That’s the one with the Go and period key. Other places just have Return.

  • ????Dennis

    That’s great! I find that when I search something I always tend to hit the period instead of the space bar. Thank goodness Apple has addressed this.

  • Biggy604

    I usually get the whole buttons for Tabs in safari dissapearing from switching from landscape to portrait display.

  • FerrariF1

    Omg can’t wait for this. I always hit the period button instead of space!

  • Salinger

    Not a huge issue for me. I use Swiftkey. Been using it for a few years so the predictive text it’s learned for me is insanely accurate to my typing style. I can often type almost an entire paragraph using just the suggested words.

  • Omac

    You’re not showing the Siri/dictation button so the space bar is actually shorter than that

  • Anon

    Now all they need to do is add numbers 0-9 to the top of the keyboard. Makes it a lot easier entering alpha-numeric passwords. Hopefully it won’t be a few years before they get that right.