KFC India Launches Meal Box with Free Lightning Cable and 6,100mAh Battery


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As pointed out by the folks over at PatenlyApple, KFC India is offering limited-edition meal boxes called “Watt a Box”, which feature a compartment for food, a built-in power bank and leads for plugging in your phone so you can charge it while you eat.

The boxes, which are being offered in a week-long contest run on KFC India’s Facebook page, offer a free detachable 6,100mAh Lithium-ion battery, a regular USB cable as well as an Apple Lightning cable.

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The source notes that these unique KFC meal boxes unfortunately won’t be widely available, for the time being at least. In addition to KFC India’s Facebook page, they’re only being offered at a handful of KFC outlets in Delhi and Mumbai.

When you’re eating KFC alone sitting in the corner of the restaurant, there’s nothing worse than a low or dying iPhone battery when you’re surfing Facebook. Thank goodness for this electric promo.

Will this idea go beyond India and make its way to Canada? I guess only time will tell. In the meantime, check out the somewhat cheesy video promo of KFC’s Watt a Box.


  • Tim

    I’m confused. Do you give the box back after you use it or are you stuck with a gross and greasy chicken box/battery? Why not just have charging areas in the restaurant?

  • Ian

    I thought we would get to keep the battery & cables….. Amazing how we can understand different meanings out of an article… 🙂

  • erth

    now if they could make their food not suck. maybe, gluten free???

  • Do they offer phone tech support for the box in store too?

    I’m kidding of course 😛