KGI: Face ID Will Likely Appear in All 2018 iPhone Models


In a new research note published this afternoon, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that he believes Apple will replace Touch ID with Face ID on all 2018 iPhone models, if the feature is received well by the public.

“A key question on the minds of many investors is whether the new iPhone models to be launched in 2018 will support Touch ID (fingerprint recognition). We believe the key factors are: (1) whether or not Face ID (facial recognition) of iPhone X provide a positive user experience; and (2) the technical issues that Apple (US) will have to address with an under-display fingerprint solution. We believe Apple will replace the existing Home button-based Touch ID with the under-display solution for higher screen-to-body ratios, if it decides to bring back Touch ID.”

If Face ID is received well by consumers who purchase an iPhone X, Kuo believes that the likelihood of an adoption for all 2018 iPhone models rises. Kuo also believes that if the facial recognition feature is poorly received, Apple will revert back to Touch ID.

Consumers will get to try Face ID when the iPhone X launches in November.

[via AppleInsider]


  • Olley

    next years iPhone will have all the new tech from X but priced at 900 dollars. I’m not too sure about paying 1700 for x :S

  • Riddlemethis

    Remember many years ago when we were saturated with dumb phones? The prices fell dramatically. The original brick Motorola debuted at over $1000 back in the day.

    We need this sort of comeback with smart phones. Unfortunately, I don’t think the technology uniform is here. Therefore we can expect prices to climb year after year. This is where evil Samsung is astute. They’ll continue to market low end smart phones to countries where the average wage earner can’t be compared to first world countries or to those who have the sense not to pay $900-1000+ for a phone.

  • Chrome262

    not sure I like this change, the face scanning is cool don’t get me wrong. But the figure print id seems more secure to me. You don’t have to physically hold the phone to do the id, so anyone, form a robber to cop, can just turn the phone to your face and unlock it. And for paying, i want, the option to not activate it, this will happen right away. what i am not going to look my phone in the eye lol

  • DP

    I’d be really surprised to see Touch ID abondoned and Face ID rolled out.

    If Face ID was so superior, Apple wouldn’t have been trying so hard to have an under display fingerprint solution. Face ID appears to have made it’s way to iPhone X because it’s a work around.

    The technology exists now for the under display fingerprint, maybe a few more months away before we see it in the first Android phones.

    I guess we won’t know until we try, and see what people think in real world use. But I’m banking on fingerprint authentication being a much easier way to authenticate with less error. If other phone manufacturers start going with under display fingerprint readers and apple doesn’t – that’s going to be a key factor for a lot of people when making a buying decision.