Kid Spends $6,000 on Jurassic World In-App Purchases


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A 7-year-old kid named Faisall Shugaa has recently spent almost $6,000 on the Jurassic World iPad game’s in-app purchases, including $2,200 spent in just one hour, the Daily Mail reports (via CultOfMac). Mohamed Shugaa, the kid’s father, said that Faisall knew the passcode to unlock his iPad, but he didn’t realise that his son had also memorised his Apple ID, which accesses payment information and only has to be entered once to make multiple purchases.

Faisall purchased $6,000 worth of Dino Bucks, used to upgrade dinosaurs and purchase new characters, not realising he was spending his father’s money. When Mr. Shugaa called Apple Support asking for a refund, he was told he was on a priority list but there was no guarantee he’d get his money back. He was shocked when he was told 65 transactions had been made to Apple from December 13 to December 18.

‘In the whole scenario how can Apple not pick up on how many transactions have been made by my boy?

‘Why wasn’t it flagged up? It must look like there’s a glitch in the system because there’s no way in the world that much could be spent in one day.’

You’re not buying a gift. It’s a game where you buy coins to upgrade dinosaurs,’ Mr Shugaa said.

Apple finally agreed to issue a refund to Mr Shugaa for the charges made on the Jurassic World game, but told him that it could take up to 10 business days to process.


  • SOB

    The fact that someone could spend $6000+ in in App purchases makes u wonder if there should be limits on this.

  • KIII

    So he’s the little ???? that I could never beat over the holidays.

    Dear Pappy please be aware your child can have an allowance set up through your ID. Also WTF…. your device, your passwords… Jr. needs an iPad mini.

  • Ashley Mann

    I hear North Korea is beautiful this time of year.

  • SOB

    Enjoy your trip.

  • Olley

    Blame others for your little motherfucker’s mistake. Nice job. You’re half way becoming an American, except they don’t take kindly to your kind.

  • Chrome262

    the reason there are not limits is people actually will spend lots on games. Sure 6 grand is crazy, but its not up to them or Apple to put limits on morons. They shouldn’t of given him any refund. Two to three levels of protections where by passed by him giving the kid his pass code, and allowing him to play on his device.

  • awkpain

    Although I don’t think Apple should have to refund, I do agree that there should be some sort of maximum or even a notification.
    “You’ve spent $500”
    “Umm hello? $1000 was spent. If this wasn’t you let us know”
    “You’ve spent more than $2000, Here is the number for Appaholics Anonymous.”

  • It’s Me

    Nice job Mr. Shugga, not only do you have no idea about being a responsible parent (great idea, giving our son your passcode and iTunes credentials) you’ve taught your son an invaluable lesson about avoiding personal responsibility.

    Dipshit father, dipshit son.

  • BigCat

    If this was a true mistake then I am glad the family got the money back.

    But honestly I have my doubts as to whether or not the little guy did this or at least did this completely on his own.

    I am not surprised that Apple never flagged these transactions, but it is surprising that the credit card security did not detect and flag the pattern. Or did they? I am sure there is more to this story.

  • aaloo

    wow, what a bunch of haters down below. poor kid unknowingly spends dad’s money, and all you guys are calling the kid and his dad an idiot. Get a life people. There are worse things in this world to get angry at then at a father asking for a refund.

  • Very nice that Apple gave him a refund, I wouldn’t have.

    I understand the situation. I have a son who’s nearly 4 now and he’s been mastering our tablets since he was 2. As parents we keep a close eye on him. If he’s able to make multiple purchases, that’s Mom and Dads fault.

    That’s why allow user accounts such as a kids limited account. Also I get emails for every transaction. He’s lucky this time around, I just hope he learnt a lesson here.

  • KIII

    No hate. It’s a situation of common sense with digital media.

  • KIII

    Can you set up an “allowance” for the month on the account also?

  • Yes you can, and it’s even called an “allowance” I have my wife as a full access user with no restrictions, so we share apps, Apple Music, and photos.
    Also kids accounts you can set a monthly allowance of how ever money dollars per month you wish, and also set parental block for Mature apps and such.

  • Ashley Mann

    Apple giving the refund is the right thing to do. The dad clearly had no idea how to setup the options to limit transactions. It’s a mistake for any of us, me included, not pointing fingers here boys, to assume people know what we know when it comes to Apple’s iOS.

    Look how long it took for a lot of us to learn about a screen shot. Or, look how long it took us to learn how to hide the task bar in the iOS home screen. Years in some cases.

    I think Apple made the right decision.

  • jordan johnson

    Everyone who believes Apple shouldn’t have given them a refund is messed up. Sure, the father should have monitored his son’s spending.However, they made a mistake they should not have needed to lose that much money over an accident made by a 7 year old.