Kijiji Shares iPhone and iPad Sales Data on its 10th Anniversary


Online classifieds site Kijiji recently celebrated their 10th anniversary after launching in February 2005. The site now reaches over 100 cities with 6.1 million ads at any given time.

The site has shared some iPhone and iPad sales data exclusively with The one item with the most replies to ads? That’s Apple’s iPhone, as annual upgrades mean old models end up for sale. Below is a snippet from the company’s 10th anniversary infographic:

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According to Kijiji, the most popular iPhone sold on the site to date in terms of inventory has been the iPhone 5S with 27%, followed by the iPhone 5 at 19% and iPhone 4S with 17%, while the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus make up 20% together.

In terms of popularity (based on the numbers of replies/ads), on average the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus generates 2.4 and 2.6 replies per ad, while the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 gets 2.1 and 2 replies per ad respectively.

Below are the average prices listed for iPhone models:

  • iPhone 6 Plus: $770
  • iPhone 6: $688
  • iPhone 5S: $379
  • iPhone 5: $262
  • iPhone 5C: $264
  • iPhone 4S: $136
  • iPhone 4: $106

As for iPad data, the iPad mini makes up the majority of current inventory with 26%, followed by the original iPad and iPad 2, both at just under 15%. Numbers show iPad Air and iPad mini counts are increasing, while older models are decreasing. There are currently close to two times as many iPad minis listed compared to iPad Airs.

The iPad mini and iPad 2 generates the most replies at 2.2 and 2 per ad, followed by the iPad mini 2 and iPad Air at about 1.6 replies per.

As for average prices listed for iPads?

  • iPad Air 2: $550
  • iPad Air: $405
  • iPad 4: $334
  • iPad 3: $325
  • iPad 2: $238
  • iPad 1: $187
  • iPad Mini 3: $410
  • iPad Mini 2: $344
  • iPad Mini: $240

When it comes to Apple versus Samsung, the iPhone maker beats the South Korean phone maker. Currently there are 46,800 iPhone ads versus 24,500 Samsung smartphone ads on the site; on average there are 1.5 to 2.5 iPhone ads for every Samsung ad.

When it comes time to sell your iPhone or iPad, do you use Kijiji?


  • Mac

    Half are stolen, and the other half defected!

  • Jack M

    Bought my 5s on kijiji and it works without a problem. You should always ask to have the IMEI provided first and check if it’s blacklisted. And of course have a good look at it before concluding the transaction.

  • kijijiuser

    The iPhone app for Kijiji is nice and useful, but why is not possible to bring an app for the iPad also ? In 10 years they are not capable of developing it ? Or, maybe they don’t want. Why?

  • definingsound

    Defected to North Korea?

  • Mac

    Unless you have a paper proof of purchase, the seller will have all the power, I read some feedback that weeks after buying a phone off kijiji the seller reported the phone lost or stolen, and the carrier blacklisted it.
    It maybe 1% of the kijiji population, but that will be little consolation for the scammed.