Koogeek HomeKit Smart Plug for 20% Off at $34, Amazon Lightning Deal


If you’re looking for your first HomeKit product, check out the Koogeek WiFi Smart Plug Outlet, as it’s currently on sale on right now as the Lightning Deal of the Day, for 20% off at $34.39. At this price, it’s cheaper than a WeMo Switch, which isn’t HomeKit compatible.

Koogeek smart plug

We previously told you we picked one of these up prior to Christmas to control the lights on our tree, and the unit works like a charm. HomeKit support means you can use Siri to control your devices (you can setup any phrase), plus also create automated scenes for your home. The Koogeek also monitors electricity consumption and can establish daily timers for lamps and such.

These are MFi, RoHS and FCC certified but are not ETL or UL certified, if you’re wondering.

Click here to jump on the Koogeek Smart Plug Outlet while it’s still available. The Lightning Deal is 72% claimed and ends in just under 12 hours (this will sell out soon).


  • Shawn B

    Just an FYI. While I like these and have them, please note they are not UL, ETL etc. certified. The legality of these in Canada are questionable.

  • They state they are MFi, RoHS and FCC certified only. But yeah, no other certification.

  • Shawn B

    See link above which states how these are illegal in Ontario and probably Canada as a whole. 90% of the electrical items from China on Amazon are illegal.

  • To be HomeKit certified, it’s part of being MFi certified, which means Apple approved hardware, a good certification. It’s not the certifications you mentioned but I’d trust them.

  • Shawn B

    Ya I know, I’m not saying it’s a bad product or it is not safe, just saying it’s illegal.

  • Naqib Ehsan

    Great product, there are much more worse illegal items floating around in Ontario

  • It’s Me

    The problem with that, is that Apple certifies their technical compliance and compatibility. It doesn’t do anything to certify the safety of the unit. It could burn your house down and it would have nothing to do with Apple’s MFi certification.

    That would be akin to expecting that Apple’s MFi certification also ensures that the company’s accounting records are all to date and inline with legal regulations.

  • johnnygoodface

    back to 42.99$ — 2016-01-15, 7:56PM

  • Shawn B

    Yes true but we want to be certain these are safe. Not all illegal products compromise safety