All LCBO Locations Now Accept Apple Pay


If you’ve been using Apple Pay, there’s a new retailer that officially accepts the mobile payment—all Liquor Control Board of Ontario locations.

According to a recent tweet by the LCBO last week (via MacRumors), all 650 retail locations now accept Apple Pay. This means when you’re running in to grab a drank or two, you will no longer need your wallet, but just your iPhone 6 (or newer) or Apple Watch.

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Earlier this spring, LCBO stores received memos to not accept Apple Pay, despite terminals accepting tap payments. However, according to one unconfirmed LCBO on Reddit, stores last month received updated memos to finally accept Apple Pay, now that all ‘Big 5’ Canadian banks have come on board.

But last week’s tweet has now made everything official, so there should be no more issues using Apple Pay at government liquor stores in Ontario. Don’t forget to follow our Apple Pay tips for a seamless experience.

Have you been using Apple Pay at LCBO locations?


  • I have been using it for about a month at LCBO!

  • Nice!

  • Shawn

    I used it anywhere they accept Debit Flash. I just tell the cashier I’ll be paying with Debit.

  • MarkL

    Same, here. I’ve been paying @ various LCBO stores around Ottawa a week since Apple Pay launched, both with credit and debit. 0 issues (except for random stares).

  • xeronine992

    Yeah this isn’t really news.. It worked there since RBC and CIBC rolled out Apple Pay. Their tap Amex didn’t work previously.

  • g

    I was at Costco today and used apple pay. She told me I was not allowed to use it. She told me to late because it went through. She said they got a memo that they were no longer to accept tap payments unless it was from a physical card.

  • Geeta Dutt

    I never say AP, just debit/credit and I use my phone. I’ve yet to have someone look surprised or say no.

    I’ll admit I’m ignorant as to how AP works in terms of fees between banks, Apple and the retailer, perhaps the retailer pays higher fees when we use our phones? Anyone know?

  • For the most part, Apple Pay was never an issue for me at any of the LCBOs I visited anyway, even going back to over a year ago — as long as you keep transactions below $100, that is. The LCBO is the only retailer I’ve visited where the POS terminals simply disable tap at the terminal level if the transaction exceeds $100.

    This is particularly annoying as my U.S. TD Visa Debit card doesn’t have an upper limit on it, and I don’t believe Amex cards do either. Had to dig out the plastic for a $100.50 transaction on Saturday :/

  • No, I’m quite certain that’s not the case. Apple’s cut comes from the bank’s share of the take, not the retailer’s.

    I think the LCBO was just mostly confused somewhere along the way.

  • Weird. How recent is this and which Costco was it at? I’ve been using Apple Pay there with no issues, but I wonder if they’re simply trying to push their own Costco MasterCard.

  • G

    Costco in NW Calgary (Beacon Hill). I have used it there before with no problems. This was the first time their was an issue