Purported Screenshot Reveals What iOS 7 Icons Might Look Like [PIC]


With WWDC set to kick off in a week, leading up to the initial keynote speculation has run rampant on what to expect. We most likely will see Apple refresh its Mac lineup again like they did last year.

As for iOS 7, the new flatter design led by design chief Jony Ive is set to bring the most substantial update we’ve seen yet to Apple’s mobile operating system. iDownloadBlog has posted (via @SonnyDickson) what they believe to be a purported leaked screenshot of an early build of iOS 7.

Check it out below–it’s super blurry though:

IOS 7 Home screen leak wm

iDB got Surenix to reproduce those blurry icons into what could be the next ‘flatter’ design of iOS icons:

IOS 7 icons mockup

With today’s release of the WWDC iOS app, @yuize details the history of the app for developers attending the conference. Note the subtle changes to a more ‘flat’ design in the latest version, especially the top buttons:

What do you think of these ‘flatter’ icons? We’ll definitely find out more in a week.


  • wstoneman

    There better be alot more changes to the UI then just the icons… I’m really tired of the iphone after so many years.

  • Erik Kappel

    Yea I gotta say, I’d really like to see a marked improvement visually (feels kinda dated at the moment) with a distinct Ive look. And let’s hope there’s some interesting new features or worthy improvements.

  • wstoneman

    I really want QR for messages. Really the only reason why I jailbreak now.

  • WatDah

    ummm…. not only is it not aligned, the whole perspective of the layout is totally off. What is that black area under the status bar? Last time I checked, the status bar is part of the screen and not something above it? How come the status bar is crystal clear but everything else is not? You’d think with technology nowadays, cameras can take much, much better photos…. Seriously this is the worst PS photo…

    Other than that, those flatter looking icons looks great.

    This has nothing against you Gary. I just like calling out BS when I see it.

  • Al

    Yea, that’s totally and obviously fake. It’s not even a screen shot. The time, etc, at the top are clearer, so that’s just a picture that’s displayed on the screen. It could be a picture of a picture taken of another iPhone. Also, it’s not likely North American given it’s in 24 hour time.

  • WatDah

    That still doesn’t explain it… If it is showing a picture in a picture, then we would not see the status bar. Otherwise we should see the Camera Roll and Edit button as well.
    But I guess I shouldn’t go into this too much. This is obviously a fake was my point.

  • Christopher Jones

    Whether the time is in 24 hours or not has nothing to do with it. I have my iPhone in 24 hours, and I live in Canada. I prefer it, no AM/PM, doesn’t take up as much room, and now I can understand what “twenty hundred hours” means without having to calculate at all, it’s all automatic for me now. I love it.

    I agree though, this is definitely a picture of something and that picture is being viewed on an iPhone. We are looking at a picture of a picture. Why didn’t Surenix reproduce all the icons, like Game Center, iTunes, App Store, and more? How could he reproduce the phone app when you can’t even see it?

    There’s something very fishy about why the status bar of the alleged iPhone is clear, and why there is a big black bar under the iPhone that is displaying the picture. If this is a fake, but whoever created this and wanted this to be believable, I would think they’d take a little more care than that. Terrible work. Also, why would “iOS 7″ be on a 3.5″ screen, and not be on the iPhone 5’s 4” screen? If this is a fake, I would think the person who created this would take a little more care if they wanted it to be believable. Terrible work.

  • WatDah

    3.5″ screen! I knew I was missing something. Good catch!

    But like I said, this is not even a picture in a picture. We wouldn’t be able to see the status bar with out seeing the Camera Roll, Edit, and the bar on the bottom.