Leaked Photos Reveal Larger iPhone 7 Camera, Dual Lens iPhone 7 Plus Camera


Newly posted leaked photos allegedly reveal that the iPhone 7 will have a larger camera and the iPhone 7 Plus / Pro will get a dual lens camera.


The images were reported by Nowhereelse and they corroborate earlier reports that showed the rear case of the device being curved outwards to surround the protruding camera body.

We can also see that the antenna bands have been simplified going only around the ends of the device and not across the back.


Unfortunately, these latest images don’t show if the smartphones have a headphone jack or stereo speakers.


  • FragilityG4

    Forgive me as I’m still a 5s user, but is the Apple logo on the 6/6s cut out on the back like this image?

  • Yes i believe it is.

  • toysandme

    In the top photo the Apple logo is much too far to the left.

  • Oooo! Perhaps we’ll finally see the fan requested glowing Apple to match MacBooks and such in the future.

  • I believe they stopped that on the Macbooks, so I doubt it will be added to the iPhones

  • Aw, now you’ve gone and smashed my dreams 🙁 … Lol

  • aww Im sorry, you can do it yourself but it voids your warranty lol

  • Yeah I’ve seen them on eBay and such, not willing to risk my $1,100 phone though lol, but it’s tempting.