Leaked Samsung Galaxy F Shows iPhone 5/5s Inspired Metal Design [PICS]


galaxy f

The first leaked photo of the purported Samsung Galaxy F, a premium version of the Galaxy S5 flagship, reveals a metal chassis which is unsurprisingly a copy of the iPhone 5/5s metal frame. According to GSMArena, the widely rumoured Galaxy F will sport similar specs to the Galaxy S5, featuring a QHD display and Snapdragon 805 chipset with 3GB of RAM.

“As you can see the frame is quite similar to the iPhone 5/5s one, while the front looks the same as the Galaxy S5. According to our insider source, the Galaxy F is very similar with the Galaxy S5, with a removable plastic back but with aluminum frame identical with the latest iPhones.”

The Galaxy F has been previously leaked in official-like renders, showing super-thin bezels among other details. But today’s leak is the first to reveal the chamfered metal chassis running along the edge, something we have been seeing in the past two generations of iPhone chassis. It must be noted though that the back cover is still believed to be plastic, unlike iPhone 5/5s.

So guys, what do you say about Samsung’s persistent Apple design copying strategy?


  • Robawtto

    Wow. Really? Wtf is wrong with the Samsung designers? They don’t have any originality at all.

  • AGonz

    Not surprising. “Let’s wait for Apple to innovate then we can copy them!!” Samsung is lame. The only Andrid maker that innovates is HTC… All others are trash.

  • AGonz

    But of course, I’ll stick with Apple products

  • Mark Roberts

    But releasing a 5.5″ iPhone isn’t copying Samsung right guys?

  • Zirak

    Not really, since 5.5″ is a size standard. That’s like saying Lenovo releasing a 17.3″ laptop is copying Sony’s 17.3″ laptop…?

  • Danada

    Damn wall-huggers

  • Mark Roberts

    Whatever you say.

  • Alborz

    so you’re not interested in any comment that’s against your opinion. wow…

  • Mark Roberts

    So size isn’t a design attribute, but materials are. Got it.

  • Alborz

    so how do you explain all the success Apple has been having?

  • Alborz

    diamond cut chamfered edges touching the glass making a beautiful bridge between body and screen. the beautiful and elegant finish of the aluminum that feels amazing to the touch and looks brilliant.
    those are two examples of design attributes for you.

  • Peter Parker

    Not sure why anyone would buy this knock off iphone, there a lot cheaper on eBay

  • bspence88

    Wow.. Didn’t Samsung just lose a lawsuit?

  • bspence88

    Is this guy delusional?

  • bspence88

    Tim Cook is shit eh? You obviously haven’t been following Apple and their continues growth since Tim Cook took over. You people!

  • Mark Roberts

    I never once said Samsung isn’t copying the iPhone. They clearly are.

    My point is that Apple does the same thing in many ways, one being the rumoured addition of a 5.5″ iPhone this fall.

    For you guys to say that this isn’t copying Samsung is just plain wrong. It is. They were the first to do it and were very successful. Now Apple is jumping aboard the bandwagon.

  • Mark Roberts

    If Sony was the first to ever release a 17.3″ laptop, than Lenovo is copying Sony. Period.

  • wah_gee

    It’s a monkey see, monkey do world.

    Everyone company is guilty of it. Apple is the most innovative company though.

  • WatDah

    Samsung Galaxy “F”ed.

  • FamiGami

    Wrong. They are copying if they copy the DESIGN not the size. A larger iphone is just a larger iphone. A galaxy phone is a copy of an iphone. There’s a fundamental difference.

    You’re arguing that a smaller chopper motorcycle makes it a dirt bike. It doesn’t, it just makes it a smaller chopper bike. Likewise, a larger dirt bike doesn’t make it a chopper or a Harley. The size, while being a part of a design element, is not a qualitative attribute in the design process. Materials, shape, and quality make for a unique product.

    As others have stated, screen size is a standard, not a differentiator.

    If Apple were to increase size and use plastic THEN they would be copying.

  • Mark Roberts

    What a load of nonsense.

  • FamiGami

    Says the person with no counterpoint.

  • Mark Roberts

    Ugh. Here’s a counterpoint if you really need one.

    Copy means to make a similar or identical version of something or to reproduce something. If you disagree, take it up with the Oxford dictionary people.

    Now, my point is that although it is clear Samsung is copying Apple, Apple is guilty of doing the same thing.

    Samsung is copying Apple by “making a similar or identical version” of the iPhone. In what way? Clearly, the use of the materials for the side pieces, as noted in the article.

    Now, what I find funny is that the Apple freaks on this site and many others fail to see the irony when Apple does things such as ripping off features from Android to put in iOS 7. It seems like these guys (not sure if you are one of them) always have some sort of nonsense excuse for Apple doing it, but when it comes to Samsung, you all roll your eyes.

    It is happening once again with the size factor. Apple is blatantly copying Samsung by doing something Samsung was the first to do. Remember that definition of “copy”? If so, here you go…

    To copy = To make a similar or identical version of something or to reproduce something

    Well, just as Samsung is copying Apple with the materials for side pieces, Apple is copying Samsung by increasing the size of their displays.

    For whatever nonsense reason, you fanboys seem to think size is some sort of exception to the rule. It absolutely isn’t.

    People obviously love that form factor and Apple is looking to cash in on that sector of the market.

    Now, as far as your point being that “The size, while being a part of a design element, is not a qualitative attribute in the design process” is just plain wrong. In phones, it is a huge feature and the number one reason I have been using Android phones the past few years.

    Size is the biggest feature of the upcoming iPhone 6 and Apple is banking big time that the increased size will lure Android users like myself back over (it’ll probably work).

    When I talk to my friends about phones with 5″+ screen sizes, only one company comes to mind. That will change soon in the coming months because Apple is indeed copying Samsung with the upcoming iPhone 6.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. To me size does not equate a design element. Its simply a bigger or smaller version of a design.

  • FamiGami

    Mark, I suggest you look at the DIMENSIONS of the screen before pointing fingers. Even using your logic (which is wrong), a 5.5 inch Apple screen IS NOT the same size as a 5.5 inch Galaxy screen. The aspect ratios are different, the materials are different, the pixel density is different.

    They are NOT the same screens as much as you claim them to be – not even close.

  • Mark Roberts

    Now we’re talking about dimensions. Man, you’re running out of things to lean on.

  • Mark Roberts

    And by the way, you’ve proved my point about fanboys coming up with nonsense excuses for Apple. Can you seriously not see yourself doing it? It’s pretty amusing.

  • FamiGami

    You’re right – facts and logic are such weak elements to lean on in a debate.

  • xxxJDxxx

    My question would be at what size do you consider it copying? If samsung’s is 5.5″ and apples is 5.52″ is that copying? 5.4″? 5″? Is increasing the size AT ALL considered copying?

  • bspence88

    I don’t know why… but I almost sense jealousy here. Why so mad? Are you jealous that Apple makes superior phones? You can always buy an iPhone and be forever happy ya know. You can tell your friends that you won it if you’re embarrassed to be seen with an iPhone after bashing it to all your friends.

    Oh and sure, we’re Apple fan boys… and you’re clearly a Samsung fan boy. Who cares… Both products are good for their own reasons. The truth is, Samsung wouldn’t be where they are today with their smartphones if it wasn’t for Apple leading the way.

    Can I blame Samsung for copyi.. sorry.. innovating Apple’s ideas/designs? No. Can I blame them for paying celebrities to use Samsungs during live events? No…. (it’s especially funny when they switch back to their iPhone as soon as they’re back stage).

    Can I blame Samsung for making Apple-bashing ads that mock the iPhone? No. I’m impressed with Samsung’s marketing. It’s very clever and it’s a big reason why they’re so popular today. The truth is, whether you like to admit it or not, Samsung has been copying Apple for years. And yes, Apple has jumped on some cool Android features… It doesn’t compare to the amount of copying Samsung has done. And there’s been won lawsuits to prove it.

  • Josh

    Don’t think anyone will buy this Samsung Galaxy “F”ail