Leef’s iBridge Expands Your iOS Device’s Storage By Up To 256GB [CES 2015]



The Leef iBridge, which is on display at CES in Las Vegas, allows users to expand the storage capacity of their iOS device by up to 256GB.

Leef iBridge is designed to easily expand the storage capacity on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod without ever worrying about deleting memories again. The device allows you to carry your movies or music library along with you without taking up any internal storage space on your device.


The device also allows you to safely and easily back up your photos, videos, and music from your iOS device and share them with your Mac, PC, or other iOS devices.

Leef’s storage device works alongside a well-built iOS app that reads what you have stored on the device. The app will even allow you to record video or take pictures and store them directly on the iBridge. Once you plug in the Leef iBridge for the first time, you will be prompted to download the company’s app from the App Store, which has been optimized to work with iOS 8.


The Leef iBridge is available in the following storage capacities: 16GB ($59.99), 32GB ($79.99), 64GB ($119.99), 128GB ($199.99), 256GB ($399.99). The device is available for purchase now from the company’s website.


  • bionicmonk

    Those price points are waaaay waaaaay too high. You may as well buy the apple extended storage.

  • Tim

    Great, so I just need to have this finicky hook like thing attached to my phone at all times?

  • The implementation is pretty fugly.

  • matt

    Thats why I liked the concept of the space pack…it charges the phone, acts as a casing AND provides extra space all in a very condensed and easy form factor

  • ????Dennis

    I agree they’re way off on the price… I also think it’s ugly, but I love the idea. I hate using iTunes to sync/transfer or whatever it’s called. I still don’t understand the whole sync/backup process. I like the idea of just slapping this badboy on to back stuff up.