Lockitron Wirelessly Unlocks Your Doors With iPhone!


Did you ever want to remotely unlock your doors or call your keys? With iPhone and Lockitron, that’s a realty!

Lockitron enables you to use your phone (iPhone) to unlock home, business or rental doors from anywhere in the world and even share virtual keys with family, friends and guests! This is done via an app, text message, or NFC.

The virtual keys are rather helpful, especially if you have to let in a friend or family member for whatever reason. Now it’s done remotely!

The technology is quite remarkable in that Lockitron sends a signal from your phone through the company’s servers to a small device that plugs into a local internet router. This then talks to an enabled door signaling it to lock or unlock.

The setup is compatible with most popular lock styles and users may order a Lockitron Self-Install Kit for their through-hole deadbolt, door knob or door handle. I can honestly see this on every door in my house.

Lockitron locks start at $295, mobile device not included.

[via TechCrunch]


  •  This is pretty cool. I need one to unlock my iPhone.

  • Gordon Tyler

    The signal goes through the company servers? The potential for abuse is monumental. No way in hell would I use this.

  • Anonymous

     Does this work for those Condo main entrances??

  • Sevael

    Pretty interesting, but it’s US-only.  You have to jump through a lot of extra hoops to use it outside the US, and they won’t give you any guarantees with their service unless you’re in the US.

  • Scott

    That was my first thought. “company servers”=NFW!

  • Dennis

    Totally agree. I don’t mind reaching for my keys. Wouldn’t trust this at all.