Logiix ChatterMitts: Answer Calls with Thumb and Pinky Finger Like This Guy [PIC]


When it’s freezing out, ‘ain’t nobody got time’ to reach into their pockets to answer the phone. That’s why the Bluetooth-powered Logiix ChatterMitts allow you to take phone calls with your thumb and pinky fingers, like how you used to when you were five years old.

This is not a joke, but an ingenious and somewhat crazy idea, which you might have already seen before on the web. These gloves are available at London Drugs for $49.99, as spotted in their latest flyer.

Calls are answered via a button on your wrist, while the thumb holds the speaker and the pinky has the mic. Get ready to look ridiculous (or awesome) when answering calls in public!

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These gloves should work with the iPhone. A similar pair is available from for $29.99. The question remains: who’s going to buy a pair?

Thanks Mason


  • Jake

    We look dumb enough speaking into the microphone on our headphones. lol

  • Olley


  • haha

  • gerry

    Call me Maybe?

  • Hello hello!

    Lol, I laughed so hard that I’m crying. Whoever invented this glove is so smart

  • Chrome262

    lol How will I question peoples sanity and fit people into my stereotypes, I will be like ” oh wait, maybe they are not a dangerous psychopath getting a call from god, but Joe Blow talking to his wife….or is it?”

  • john hancock

    Must. Have. One.