Looks Like Google Is Also Working On A Smart Watch


Previously, Apple has been rumoured to have a team of 100 people working on a smart watch and more recently, a Samsung executive has admitted that the company too is working on a watch device with capabilities similar to a smartphone. Now, The Financial Times is reporting that Google’s Android unit is working on a smart watch, which indicates that Google also sees it as a more “immediately viable” product, reports TechCrunch.


It must be highlighted that Google acquired Motorola has produced its own Android-powered smartwatch under the name MotoACTV. Google is believed to have the software expertise to build a product that isn’t just a low-powered smartphone with a wrist strap, evidenced by the creativity we’ve seen in its Glass project. But unlike Glass, which was developed in the company’s experimental X Lab, the watch is said to be under development by the Android unit.

Wearable electronics like watches are seen as the next frontier in consumer electronics, and everyone from established players like Samsung and (reportedly) Apple, to smaller companies and startups like Jawbone and Pebble, and even Nike, are scrambling to stake out a piece of the action. While Google wouldn’t comment on the rumor, FT points out a 2011 Google patent application for a “smart watch” with a dual-screened “flip-up display” and “tactile user interface,” although any product that Google did eventually bring to market could have little resemblance to the invention it describes.

Who do you think will be the first to release a smart watch among the three tech giants?


  • Joel

    It would be great to have a smart watch from Google.However Samsung could prove a tough competition to Google similar to Apple.Waiting Eagerly for this product.

  • WatDaPhuck

    I still don’t see to point of having a smart watch… Are people getting so lazy that they don’t even wanna reach into their pockets?

  • The need for smart watches and wearable particular has extended lately, especially after a wide range of little players that also create smart watches, such as Rock and Martian Watches, have completed up with the market and acquired a warmed welcome by clients. Now, it seems the larger particular players are following.

  • Google Come with New Android-powered smartwatch under the name MotoACTV