Lower Cost iPhone to Launch Alongside ‘iPhone 5S’ in July, Says Analyst



After attending an industry trade show this week in China, Topeka Capital analyst Brian White concluded that Apple intends to present the low-cost iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S, with the handsets reaching consumers in July.

The sources have told White that the low-cost iPhone will feature the same 4-inch display as the iPhone 5, but there will be notable design differences like a slightly thicker design with curved back made of plastic.

What is more interesting – and creates a bit of confusion – is the same analyst who a couple of days ago said Apple will diversify its iPhone line by offering the choice between multiple screen sizes, on Friday said that there was a consensus at the trade show that the screen size will remain untouched.

The changes will likely be a larger camera and slightly rearranged buttons on the left side of the device. Just like Kuo, White also says the key selling point of the iPhone 5S will be the fingerprint scanning technology.


  • WatDaPhuck

    These analysts talk so much repeated bull shit, they don’t even remember what they said anymore.

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    nooo moreeee….c cc cccannt take it..stop… just bring phone out and stop the voices.

  • Ugg then people with out a job will actually be able to get an iPhone uggg, should of left that for the Android market lol

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  • Eventually one of these rumours will come true, then we can say “we told you so!”


    But yeah, these analyst predictions are insane. Still though, it is always interesting to see how everything plays out amidst all the noise being shouted.

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