Upcoming 2016 MacBook Pro Will Have No Escape Key


Apple pay macbook pro no escape key

Yesterday, leaked images of Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro confirmed its rumoured OLED touch bar, dubbed the ‘Magic Toolbar’. If you look closely however, you will notice there is no ‘Esc’ key present on the keyboard, anywhere. While a wide number of Mac users may not appreciate Apple’s move to ditch the Escape key from the hardware, Jeff Geerling seems to have found a workaround for this, allowing you to assign another key for the purpose.

Remap caps lock to escape

In macOS 10.12.1, Apple has included a nice little addition to it’s Keyboard configuration options, which allows you to remap the Escape key to any of the other modifier keys on your keyboard (as shown in the screenshot above). It won’t be a bad idea to finally make the worthless Caps Lock key actually useful. 

“Unless you like SHOUTING ALL DAY, there’s no reason to even have a caps lock key. Join the hipsters and switch it to Escape! Besides allowing you to have a hardware Escape key on Apple’s latest laptops, it’s a larger and easier to use button than that tiny half-chicklet at the top left of ye olde keyboards”.

Do you prefer the current keyboard layout with a dedicated ‘Esc’ key or the forthcoming MacBook Pro layout with a Magic Toolbar?


  • swotam

    Prepare for pending #ESCgate controversy…

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Wow, taking away the Esc key is like taking away the back button from a browser. But I’m sure they’ll include an Escape key dongle in the box for those who don’t have the “courage” to move forward 😉

  • Lol. Think of the devastation if you forget your Esc key dongle at home when you’re on the road. Nooooo!

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    New slogan: MacBook Pro: There is no escape!

  • geekyaleks

    Truly a sad day… F*ck… Accessing Linux box and using vi editor wtf apple???

  • johnnygoodface

    This is a dynamic bar… the Esc will surely be programmable to the left of the bar if need be