MacStories: How an iPad Air 2 Replaced a Traditional Computer


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MacStories’ Federico Viticci has posted a new article detailing how an iPad Air 2 became his main computer by replacing his MacBook Air.

Many people have said that Apple’s iPad is best used primarily as a consumption device, however Viticci disagrees with these reports and says the iPad has become his favourite way to create and consume content.

Before he got his hands on the new iPad Air 2, Viticci argued that the iPad mini was the best iPad because of its portable form factor. The iPad mini is extremely light and easy to use with one hand.

“I’ve bought five iPads since 2010, and the iPad Air 2 provides the absolute best combination of screen size, comfort, and performance I’ve seen to date.”

Apple’s iPad Air 2 offers desktop class performance on a device that is thin, light, and portable. The device also offers a larger display than the iPad mini, making productivity applications a lot easier to use.

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However, the number one feature of the iPad has always been the battery life. Apple’s iPad will easily last a full day making it the perfect device to take on the road as a consumption device or to work as a productivity device.

“Therefore, three months after I bought an iPad Air 2 and three years into my iPad-as-a-computer experiment, I’d like to offer some thoughts on my current iPad setup and how the device has changed my computing habits.

Because not only do I know what the iPad is good for in my life – the iPad Air 2 finally let me replace my aging MacBook Air as my main computer.”

Would you use (or do you already use) an iPad as a replacement for your traditional desktop or laptop? Let us know in the comments below. Be sure to read Viticci’s full review of the iPad Air 2 from the link above.


  • Al

    “Apple’s iPad Air 2 offers desktop class performance…”

    No it doesn’t. Not even close. Why would you say that?

  • mytwosense

    ???? Doesn’t even have Flash.

  • Al

    This notion of an iPad possibly being a better choice (for some people) than a computer is nothing new. It’s certainly not the case for me, but I’ve recommended it to several people who have the wonderful lifestyle of not needing to sit at a computer.

  • Al

    Flash is on its death bed.

  • ChzPlz

    It could work with some hoop jumping. I would need:
    Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.
    Cloud storage.
    Some kind of a stand.
    AirPlay video receiver (AppleTV or other).

  • mytwosense

    Pretty long throes of death. Wake me when it happens.

  • Al

    Hehe… Just wondering if you understand the phrase you just used? Because it is quite accurate, but I’m guessing the actual meaning wasn’t your intent.

  • mytwosense

    Look at my screen name and figure it out for yourself.

  • Al

    You have a dual personality?

  • mytwosense

    No we don’t

  • gmd

    Notepad class performance, maybe.

    Does not have the processing power of desktops (which remains usually unused unless you compile code, do computer graphics, play games, video capture, etc.)

    Don’t get me wrong, iPads are great. Their apps focus on the core usages of desktop computers. You still cannot compare the two.

  • hub2

    Depends what you “need” Flash for. I have a personal and work Macbook Pros, Flash isn’t installed on either of them.

    I don’t play many games so Flash games aren’t a problem for me.

    The very rare times I run into a site that needs Flash (interactive animations, or no HTML5 video fallback) *and* has content I want to see, I’ll fire up Chrome.

    Most sites that give you a “must have Flash to see video” error will in fact serve the HTML5 video if you change Safari’s user agent to iPad Safari. This works for me on Facebook and many other sites.

  • TechDude

    “I’ve bought five iPads since 2010″

    Obviously this guy is just another tunnel vision Apple fanboy.

  • Paul JR

    All iOS Devices made by Apple, support FLASH with ? Photon app.
    iPad has flash, your argument is invalid.

  • Paul Jr

    All iOS Devices made by Apple, support FLASH with ? Photon app.
    iPad has flash, your argument is invalid.

    Stop saying it doesn’t have Flash.