Man Pronounced Dead after being Electrocuted by his iPhone 4S [Report]


Thaiman iphone

A man in Thailand, who was reportedly using an unauthorized third-party charger to charge his iPhone 4S, was pronounced dead after being electrocuted by his iPhone while it was being charged, MacRumors is reporting (via Daily News Thailand). Third-party iPhone chargers, which often do not meet Apple’s standards, have been accused of being a safety hazard in the past as well.

“Local police found that the smartphone was still connected to a charger in a nearby power outlet, indicating that the victim had likely been talking on the phone while charging it at the same time. 

Photographs taken of the charger show a blue model different from the standard white ones that Apple includes with every iPhone, suggesting that it was a cheaply made fake.”

Earlier this year, a woman in China suffered eye injuries from her iPhone 5 after it exploded while being charged with an unauthorized third-party adapter. Similarly, a Chinese man was reportedly left in a coma after receiving an electric shock while charging his iPhone 4 back in July.

Apple has formally responded to such events in the past, by establishing a “Takeback Program” that offers official replacement chargers for $10 to anyone who turns in a suspect third-party USB charger.


  • Al

    Following the different “sources” of the story, it’s bizarre how how each report has twisted it from the original source.

    Sleeping in bed … sleeping on a concrete floor
    In his room … in the basement
    Talking on the phone … laying on the phone
    If he was talking on the phone, what does the person he was talking to have to say?
    Burned his hand and chest … skin fused to the phone

  • Rob

    lesson here: dont use 3rd party chargers.

  • OJ Simpson

    Thanks Captain Obvious… I don’t get it, is Thailand 220Volt? Or what…..

  • Al

    There’s this thing called the “Internet”. Word is it can answer pointless questions like that really easily.