Toronto Man Sheds 25lbs Playing Pokémon GO on his BlackBerry


Vazquez, a 24-year old fromToronto, who is the unofficial North American Pokémon GO champion, shed 25lbs (11.3kg) over 3 and a half weeks of playing Pokémon GO on his BlackBerry, The Star reports. Having bagged all 142 Pokémon characters in the wildly popular augmented-reality game, Vazquez now has two more goals in the Pokémon-sphere, one of which is to get his walking and hiking total in the game up to 1,000 kilometres which is currently at 266km.


Vazquez’s other goal is to hunt the rare Farfetch’d bird in a trip this autumn to Asia. Farfetch’d is an angry looking wild duck that uses a sprig of green onion as a sword. “I’m planning to travel for work”, Vazquez says. “I’ll try to hit two birds with one stone”.

He explained how his hunting carried him over 266 kilometres, sometimes running and hiking for 40 kilometres in a day. “I’m not in the best shape”, Vazquez says. “Once you do it, you do get a little better”, adding that he’d run for hours without even noticing.

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  • gerry

    My brother always loved playing games and spends hours/all day inside the house doing so. Both my parents would pester him to go outside and get some exercise and he never does. Ever since I showed him this game, and he downloaded it on his phone, it’s the opposite. Rather than having him being told to go out and get exercise, my parents always calling him to come home while getting too late out. It’s a great social change for him the past month or so.

  • Quattro

    I claim BS on the 40 kilometres in a day. That’s literally a marathon, and pretty much impossible for someone who is not in the best of shape. Even a half marathon distance is very difficult without training.