Check Out These New iWatch Renders with Leather Straps [PICS]


Netherlands designer Martin Hajek has released a new batch of iWatch renderings for the April issue of MacUser magazine, this time detailing probably his most gorgeous concepts yet of Apple’s rumoured watch.

Check them out below as Hajek shows off what an iWatch with both brown and black leather straps could look like. Notice the curved screen and implementation of chamfered edges and volume buttons taken from the iPhone 5:

Screen Shot 2013 05 06 at 9 26 55 AM

Screen Shot 2013 05 06 at 9 27 07 AM

Screen Shot 2013 05 06 at 9 27 26 AM

Screen Shot 2013 05 06 at 9 27 43 AM

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen iWatch renders from Hajek as back in March he released similar renders. He also later released renders of coloured low-cost iPhones, along with an iTV and larger ‘iPhone 6’ concept images.

What do you think of these latest iWatch renders? Are you saving up bags of money in anticipation of the iWatch coming to fruition?


  • Silverpigeon2

    I hope it has an iphone 5 lighting connector.

  • Believe me: an iWatch won’t look like a watch!

  • hank

    … i hope it does not require charging. like an automatic watch 🙂 last thing i want to do is to charge another device on a daily basis.

  • x

    i hope it looks NOTHING like a normal watch…i want it to cover the distal (furthest) third of my forearm! i want it to be more horizental rather than the normal vertical position. this way you have way more surface area for the zoom in & out commands & to see more at a time.