Masonville Place Apple Store in London Confirmed via Job Postings [Update]


Last December, it was reported Masonville Place in London, Ontario was the future site of an Apple Store, and now that has been confirmed via job postings on the Masonville Place website, and on Apple’s own website for retail job searches. The store is rumoured to occupy the vacant space left by the departure of Eddie Bauer.

Here’s the posting clearly advertised on the Masonville Place Mall website:

If you live in London, send us some pics of that area of the mall!

Update 1: According to our tipster E.L., the store’s supposed grand opening is at the end of June. The storefront will span 78 feet across, the widest in all of Canada with leasing plans showing 7,200 sq. feet of retail space. Picture of the current space in the mall below:

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Spleenzorio

    I’ll make sure to take some pics next time I go to the mall

  • Sweet thanks!

  • Eric

    already sent you some.. maybe wrong email.. what is it?

    I also posted here

  • Robert ADDINGTON

    No Apple sign or logo yet.

  • Eric

    Usually not until about a month to about 2 weeks until opening 

  • Edward

    It looks like Apple’s also leasing some space beside Banana Republic.

  • Cody

    Went to the mall today. And took some peaks inside the cracks. There is currently construction going on. And I’m pretty sure I have my have seen some sandstone. I’ll try to get some pics of the private construction next time I’m there.

  • Thanks for the update! You can always send us some pics at tips AT iphoneincanada dawt seee ayyyy

  • AppleMasonville

    Hi, could you post a link to where you found the leasing brochure? I am very excited about the Apple  store and would like to see the full document! Thanks. 🙂