MBNA Canada Apple Pay Launch Reportedly Coming in Mid-2017


MBNA Canada has yet to comment on a timeline for its Apple Pay launch, other than to say they’re “working hard” to enable support for the mobile wallet, with no ETA to announce.

According to sources familiar with the matter, MBNA Canada is finally set to reveal an ETA for Apple Pay, with internal documents shared to employees earlier this month noting “mid-2017” as the projected timeline.

MBNA Canada’s recent boilerplate Apple Pay response on Twitter

MBNA Canada’s social media teams are set to announce the mid-2017 date soon, so keep an eye out on their Twitter feed.

The credit card portfolio of MBNA Canada was acquired by TD Canada back in the fall of 2011. Many have suspected Apple Pay support would eventually follow suit for MBNA Canada, after TD Canada launched support earlier this summer.

Currently, MBNA’s online credit card offerings total 64 various MasterCards, ranging from various themed reward, sports, college and university, financial institution, charity, personal interest and professional cards.


  • JonathanM

    LOL what a bunch of incompetent clowns. Bye bye MBNA.

  • jabohn

    Meanwhile, CIBC withdrew support of the Petro Points Mastercard. It worked on day one (I added mine) but some time between then and now they removed it. When I got a new iPhone a few weeks ago Apple Pay said it was not supported and CIBC says they “don’t know how I had added it before.”

  • Kirk

    Wow mid 2017? Good thing I already have Apple Pay on my RBC and AMEX. I don’t know why I’m holding this credit card still, think I’ll just cancel it now.

  • Cornfed710

    This is terrible news 🙁

  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I really wonder what the actual hold up is.

    Then again, these are canadian banks we’re talking about.

  • erth

    TDs IT department should be outsourced. it is slow and incompetent.

  • swotam

    Something to do with the Petro Canada fuel discount not being applied if you used Apple Pay or something like that. Every time I use mine I have to use chip and PIN at the pump, but it’s really annoying to not even have it in Wallet at all. Stupid banks…it’s obvious their solution to solving this sort of problem is to just not solve it at all.

  • jabohn

    I remember that. I even got an email about it and they gave us free points. The card continued to work with Apple Pay though. They appear to have quietly removed support and now deny that they ever supported it.