MBNA Canada: Apple Pay “Coming Soon”, Finalizing Details


Back in June, after TD Canada launched support for Apple Pay, their subsidiary MBNA Canada said they were “working hard” to also bring support for the iPhone mobile wallet.

MBNA Canada has now provided another update, informing customers on Twitter they’re “excited”, but “need 2 finalize the details”, when asked about Apple Pay. They also noted the “service is going 2 be coming soon”:

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The credit card issuer also explained in other tweets they wanted “2 make sure the service meets our standards”, so they are “taking time to get it right”. In the meantime, customers are being told to “stay tuned 2 our page” (is their social media team run by 10 year olds?).

Earlier today, Tangerine and PC Financial launched Apple Pay support for their MasterCards, while the mobile wallet also expanded in Europe, with Swiss bank GKB also debuting support for their prepaid MasterCards and cash cards.


  • Dany Quirion

    Well too late i got the tangerine ????

  • sarge

    A non Pokemon article? 0.o

    On a side note, this is good news as I just got my first MBNA card today! 🙂

  • Lol you just wait!

  • iFone

    Do you guys think Apple Pay deters having fraud transactions? I got 2 of those in the past 6 months on my MBNA card, so hopefully Apple Pay helps mitigate that

  • Hmm so does this mean my TD MC card will soon be accepted?

  • Cornfed710

    I’m pretty sure it already is. ????