McDonald’s Mobile Order and Pay is Coming to Canada in 2017


Mobile order and pay is one of the best features of the Starbucks mobile app, as it allows you to order, pay and skip the line at your local Starbucks location. Many love this feature as it users get to bypass lines in stores during peak periods.

Now, McDonald’s has announced it is set to bring the same mobile order and pay to customers in the U.S., along with Canada and more, according to a statement by the company sent to Mashable:

McDonald’s will start offering pay-by-phone beginning next year, in 20,000 to 25,000 restaurants across the U.S. and in countries such as Canada, Australia, the UK and France. Other new options will include pay kiosks at restaurants.

Most McDonald’s Canada locations have new pay kiosks already, which accept Apple Pay. The company says most of these kiosks are located in Europe though, approximately 7,000 of them.


Becca Hary, a McDonald’s spokeswoman, told Mashable “Providing our customers with choice and convenience is an important part of the restaurant experience at McDonald’s.”

Other places with mobile order and pay include Chipotle locations in the U.S. and Canada, allowing users to bypass lines.

If you’re addicted to McDonald’s, mobile order and pay is going to change your life (or ruin it). There’s no better feeling than bypassing the massive line ups at Starbucks with mobile orders. Some of the stares you get from those waiting it out in line are priceless.


  • Tim

    The gross thing about the pay kiosks is that you’re touching something that hundreds of others have since they were last washed. There’s undoubtedly loads of feces and other disgusting microbes on those screens. I always make a point to wash my hands after, but many don’t, then get sick and bring their newly contracted germs to the office or some other common space. Ordering from my own phone will be a welcome change.

  • I agree about the kiosks, tried it once and it can definitely be nasty. Have the Purell on standby!

  • einsteinbqat

    Is it really that much a deal? That’s what your immune system is for. And if there is obvious “stuff” on the screen, just ask a staff member to clean it or go to the counter. There are way grosser stuff to worry about such as drying your hands with a air dryer instead of a paper tower, or putting toilet paper on a toilet seat, money, coins.

    And did you know that if you don’t put down the cover when you flush, the microparticules along with the bacteria, faces, and what-not that are propelled into the air end up on your towels, toothbrushes (that you put in your mouth…), and many other things. So unless you spend your time disinfecting those, I don’t think that you should worry much about touching glass.

  • Tim

    I agree that we all need germs, but studies show that mild germophobes like myself (people who wash their hands more than average) contract about 50% fewer colds than the rest, not to mention other types of illness. I’ll pass on eating other people’s feces with my mcdonalds.

  • xeronine992

    And you think the door handle you touched getting into the McDonalds is any better?

  • Jesse

    That’s like anything else that you touch in public places…. Mall doors… Handrailing… Chairs… etc..

  • That’s it I’m gonna live in a biodome with Pauly shore

  • Andre

    Are people that much of a hurry that they have to order in advance when going to McD ? I would much prefer that they come out with the same thing as Timmy’s and Starbucks. Put money on a McD card and pay with your phone or Apple Watch.

  • xeronine992

    Haha it won’t be long before I’m there too. I swear I get worse ever day.

  • I hear what you’re saying, however I see it differently.
    I personally wanted this feature when Starbucks came out with it. I can order Sunday breakfast, pick it up and leave.

    No waiting in line with screaming kids, wondering teens not knowing how a line works, and people who stand at the till not knowing what they want to slow everyone else down. Heh.

  • LouisDC

    The fact that you have to tap the screen at least 50 times to order a simple McMuffin combo doesn’t help! Ordering from these kiosks simply takes too much time: What beverage? Which type of coffee? Which format? How much cream/milk/sugar?

    I hope we’ll be able to build a list of our favorite orders on our phone, and then quickly order one of them when getting at the restaurant.

  • swotam

    My main complaint about the kiosks (aside from the general hygiene issues) is that it appears to dramatically slow down the ordering process. Before when they had 2-4 cashiers working, you could order your meal in under a minute usually, whereas with the kiosks it takes a while to tap through all the various screens to get your order placed. On top of that, the wait time to pick up your order is increased, often significantly.

    Personally don’t see them as improving the customer experience overall, although I’m sure it saves McDonald’s a lot of money since they don’t have to pay multiple people to work cash anymore.

    As for the mobile order and pay, it could be beneficial depending on how they do it. Starbucks model is great, and I can easily bypass the line of 10+ people at my morning location using it. Not sure if McD’s will be doing something similar, or if it’s more of an “order in advance and then wait” type thing. We shall see I suppose.

  • mxmgodin

    They already accept Apple Pay. Implementing a McD gift card app would just be unnecessary. The only reason I use the Starbucks gift card is because of their reward system, and I now use Apple Pay at Tim’s 100% of the time.

  • definingsound

    There is nothing “mild” about the condition if the person is calling microparticles “feces”. If it can’t be put into a dog poop bag, it ain’t feces.

  • Dehop

    The kiosk screens are annoying because they have the same overly-long UI effects that iOS uses for, say, launching apps. The effects should be over much faster, it takes a full minute to do something that, with minimal UI effect lag, should take 20 seconds (not much longer than what an actual cashier would take).

  • swotam

    Agreed. Assuming no line, I can walk up to a cashier, order a cup of coffee, have them process that order in about 15 seconds, and (under the old system) have them fetch the cup of coffee while I’m paying using a card of some sort and have me out of the restaurant within a couple of minutes tops.

    With the kiosks it takes a minute or more just to order and pay for a cup of coffee, then you get to stand in line for several minutes until your number comes up because there’s only 1 “line” and no distinction between people who order coffee vs people who order breakfast for the entire family. Tons of times I’ve seen my drink sitting there for several minutes before my turn rolls around, and there’s not really much you can do about it because the Westworld-style androids who work there aren’t capable of much beyond their pre-scripted motions.

    Stupid system.

  • Adam Jefferson

    Starbucks mobile order and pay needs refinement and hopefully McDonalds is working on those refinements in their process.

    With Starbucks, I have placed my order (to be ready in 6-8 minutes,) arrived at the store and order is not ready. In some instances, no one was monitoring the mobile orders that came in so it wasn’t until I went to the pickup counter that they realized they had an order.

    Other times, the mobile order printer was not working so they never knew my order existed (why is this feature dependent on a PRINTER??? A dedicated printer on top of that!)

    But usually the problem is they have a long line of customers and serve them first…again, my order sits at the printer never being picked up until the line subsides. The mobile order should be in its sequential spot in the queue with the in-person orders.

    I’ve given the feedback when this happens…doesn’t appear to be improving though.

  • I’ve experienced this issue myself. There’s nothing worse just standing there and waiting–while seeing the mobile printer still have receipts spilling out. I ended up contacting Starbucks about it and of course they offered credit, but the feedback seems to have worked at my local store, as my mobile orders no longer are sitting idle anymore.

    If I go to a different store and I know for a fact my drink should be up (double espresso takes seconds) and it’s not, I’ll just be ‘that guy’ and talk to the barista or an employee about my mobile order not being ready. Ain’t nobody got time to wait anymore!

  • gerry

    Could’ve used it today at the Eaton Centre if it was available. Had to wait 10 min for my coffee due to a customer complaining. Le sigh lol.