McDonald’s Locations in Vancouver Start Marketing Apple Pay [u]


Earlier this month American Express updated their Apple Pay marketing page to clarify their cards are only “accepted at participating McDonald’s Restaurants in Canada,” a detail which Apple Canada’s page lacks.

Some McDonald’s franchisees do not support American Express, but the most part locations in major cities do.

Now, it looks like some locations in Vancouver have started pushing Apple Pay in their stores, as noted by the sign below, which reads “Now you can use your iPhone to pay”, as spotted by iPhone in Canada reader @jaymes earlier this week:

Apple pay mcds

For now, this looks like locations in Vancouver are pushing Apple Pay, which could be part of a wider marketing launch by the fast food chain. We called a location in Toronto, which stated they do not have any Apple Pay marketing materials yet.

Let us know if you’re seeing similar signage at your nearest McDonald’s location pushing Apple Pay (I’m lovin’ it).

Update: Thanks to you awesome people, the marketing campaign has also been seen across Canada at various locations.


  • Nick

    I’m probably reading too much into it but can they really make such a big deal about it when the only credit cards currently supported are Amex? Just seems weird to make a big marketing push when most people would have to get new credit cards to get in on it. I really want Apple Pay, but not enough to get a new CC.

  • Colin THORNE

    Saw the same at the McD’s In Dartmouth Crossing , NS.

  • hub2

    Ditto in Ottawa, at the Billings Bridge plaza.

  • Thanks!

  • Good to know, thanks

  • Maybe it’s a hint a wider Visa/MC Apple Pay roll out is coming? Who am I kidding, that won’t happen in years 0_o

  • Mrleblanc

    They are adding this in most McDonald even if they already accepted Apple Pay… I’ve seen them in about every Québec and Montréal restaurant

  • May be the case but not at our local McDonald’s unfortunately

  • hub2

    The one I mentioned went through a major systems overhaul in the last month. Instead of a counter with 3 POS, there’s now a single order station that’s operated by staff, an elevated pickup counter, and 2 (maybe 3?) electronic ordering stations near the door, with credit card terminals. If you have a coupon you still need to use the counter and see a live person.

    I would’ve been shocked if such an overhaul to modernize their ordering process didn’t include support for Apple Pay. Even if they already supported Apple Pay, the new fancy merits a little additional promotion to let people know.

  • George Gray

    Seen the same thing at the new McDonalds in Langford by Rona

  • I’m kinda feeling the same thing. I’d totally be using Apple Pay right now if visa was supported, not willing to get an Amex just to use Apple Pay though. I’m sure 90% of everyone is in that boat right now though.

  • SOB

    I was on the fence too. But after getting an Amex card, I am really enjoying using Apple Pay. Just wish more stores would support it.

  • Peter

    Nothing new or surprising.
    This has been around Halifax, NS since December last year. 😉

  • Patrick Ducharme

    saw that in Sherbrooke, QC since 1 or 2 months. Same but in french 🙂

  • George Gray

    Some places in Hillside Mall in Victoria are also displaying Apple Pay compatibility.

  • You remember which stores? I’ll have to check it out.

  • George Gray

    Wrapprz was the store I seen it in.

  • Matt Martone

    In Guelph, Ontario as well

  • sukisszoze

    I tried to use Apple Pay at Wrapprz over Christmas but it didn’t work because my purchase was over $100..not sure what the limit was.

  • duff

    i have found that many privately owned mcdonalds on Vancouver Island don’t accept Amex so no support for apple pay. How is this possible? shouldn’t they be forced to have it since its a franchise and partnership with apple to support the payment system.?

  • I’m wondering the same thing. Could be one franchisee runs a handful of them and hasn’t agreed to take on AmEx yet?

  • Jeremy Spencer

    I work at a McDonald’s in London, ON and we’ve had that sign up since it launched