Mechanical Watch Enthusiast Explains Why He Can’t Get The Apple Watch Off His Wrist



Jack Forster, a mechanical watch enthusiast, has published a blog post that explains why he can’t get the Apple Watch off his wrist.

Since the launch of the Apple Watch last year, there has been considerable speculation about what effect the device may have on the mechanical watch market. Forster said:

“Having worn an Apple Watch almost exclusively for the last month, I feel absolutely confident that mechanical watches aren’t going anywhere for now. But the Apple Watch isn’t either.”

Forster said that the Apple Watch’s success starts with a great hardware and package design. He says that whoever designed the packaging for the Apple Watch understood exactly what it should do. The setup of the device also makes for a pleasing experience because it is simple.


One of the main features of the Apple Watch is the ability to view and interact with your iPhone’s notifications from your wrist, without having to take the smartphone out of your pocket.

“If you can prioritize what you really feel you need to know about, the Watch has the potential to dramatically improve the signal-to-noise ratio in your life (if you can prioritize) in a way that the iPhone can’t.”

Forster then asks if the Apple Watch could displace a mechanical watch, and he believes that right now it could. The reason behind this one that you may find surprising. Forster said that the one threat to the mechanical watch market is the band of the Apple Watch because it is beautifully designed with ease of use and simplicity at the forefront. The Apple Watch link band allows users to add and remove links without having to go visit a professional jeweller, and this is a huge selling point which traditional mechanical watches do not have.

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  • I personally love my Apple Watch, but I think it would be truly great with a couple of additions to the software such as:
    – digital watch face like the modular face, that also displays seconds.
    – ability to still have sound pass through your phone.
    – ability to speak “Reply” while looking at a text message, not having to do the Siri workaround.
    – the ability to hide core app bubbles from the app menu that users don’t use within settings.

    I’m confident of Apple added these changes, it would become truly outstanding, for me anyways. I still use and love my Apple Watch though, it’s a great companion while at work.

  • I also enjoy my Apple Watch, but the bugs in watchOS need to be addressed. Had to re-pair my Watch a while back to get apps to load in under 15 seconds again

  • Yeah? I’ve never had that issue, but I remember having to re-pair my watch a few months ago too, I cannot remember what the issue is anymore, but I remember it fixed it.

    I am curious as to what Apple is going to do with the Watch 2