Message Your Game Center Friends With Free “JabMe” App


From the makers of DataMan, the iPhone data usage monitoring app, here comes an all new JabMe messaging application which for the first time makes it possible to message your Game Center friends. You can send jab messages to your Game Center as well as Facebook friends with exciting jab actions and sounds effects, all sent via Push Notifications which means there is no limit to the number of messages you can send. You can even start a “Jab War” and get your name on the leaderboards with highest number of jabs. JabME is available as a FREE download in the App store.

Here is the iTunes description:

Anytime. Anywhere. JabMe is great for all occasions. Angry with someone, send a Kung Fu Kick jab. Miss your beloved, send a Love Song. Embarrass your friend, send a Burp. Got a birthday, send a Happy Birthday. Even enter your own text. Just enable custom message.

Jabs are sent using Push Notification so there’s no need to keep JabMe open, unless you want to start a Jab War 🙂 Unlimited jabbing. Unlimited fun.

BTW you can jab yourself too. But why’d you wanna do that?

“Poking people on Facebook is just sooooo 2010. 2011 is all about jabbing friends!” 148Apps
“Earn achievements for harassing your friends.” Appolicious

• Introducing the world’s first app to let you message your Game Center friends. Now you can jab your Game Center and Facebook friends in one app.
• Gift your friends jabs. Celebrate the holidays with the new Christmas Pack.
• New actions in all packs. You get twice the number of actions and sounds.

Double your fun!

Below is the direct iTunes download link:

Download JabMe For iPhone / iPod


  • Anonymous

    Tap on the ratings an read the only rating so far. 1 star. I’m glad I read this before grabbing it.

  • It was released yesterday. And it’s free.

  • Anonymous

    It’s free to punch or poke but the rest of the actions are locked And they want you to pay for it. Plus one has to have the app to be able to receive messages. It’s just another money grab app in my opinion. It’s a first. I’ll give it that.

  • Yea that’s my review. It’s a pretty horrible app and I’m not too impressed that Gary posted about this. (no offense Gary, you rock!)

  • Anonymous

    I agree. Especially the part about Gary. Keep up the good work.

  • Appreciate your kind support and honesty. We had supported the developer before. I’m sure he will read the comments and act on it.

  • 🙂