Metrotown Apple Store Grand Opening Video and Pics

Today marked the grand opening of the Apple Store in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby. At 10AM, the doors opened and the first 1000 customers received free tshirts. At approximately 7AM, thirty people were already waiting in line (thanks Carlo!):

As you can see, this new store shows up nicely in the Apple Store app (US iTunes only):

Here are pics of the opening via @Kvalnir:

Video of the doors opening and Apple staff cheering away:

…and also a video sent to us by Mischa doing the ‘first dance Metrotown Apple Store dance’. He claims to be the first person to make a purchase at the store as well.

Did you visit the Metrotown Apple Store today? Did you get a free t-shirt?

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  • iGuy

    That was the lamest thing I’ve ever seen. Do you see other big companies like american eagle, tip top, gap, etc put on stunts that big? I would feel awkward as hell walking into that store and them putting up such a stink about it. “Hey I’m trying to check out this iPad bro, can ya quit the clapping and cheering!” would be one of the first sentences out of my mouth. I love Apples products but sometimes they take shit way too far

  • Wahidafg

    Very True!!!

  • Wahidafg

    Very True!!!

  • LOL ppl outside r lyk wtf?

  • Arnel Mercado

    It was so much fun waiting 4 hours in line. It wasn’t that bad.