Latest Microsoft Ad Mocks Apple iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Features [VIDEO]


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Microsoft just comes up with some of the best ads, right (NOT)? Their latest ad uploaded to their Windows Phone YouTube channel is part of the company’s ad campaign “It’s time to switch” to get existing iPhone users to move over to their smartphones.

The ad titled “A fly on the wall in Cupertino?” which takes place in early 2013, depicts two Apple employees speaking to Apple’s CEO and discussing the changes of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

Check it out below:

The commercial is quite sad and cringe-worthy. It doesn’t highlight to potential switchers why they should switch to Windows Phone. At least the Windows 8 ads using Siri to mock the iPad were actually decent.

What do you think of this new ad? Don’t forget to check out a couple other ‘banned’ iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c promo videos we posted earlier today.

Update: Microsoft has now removed the questionable ad from its channel, as it is marked private and not for public viewing anymore. We’ll try to get an alternative embed up soon.


  • Jason

    Maybe MS should take net of how Samsung bashes apple in a clever way.
    This was hard to watch.

  • Yeah at least Samsung ads are pretty funny, I don’t know who gave this ad the green light.

  • Matt Trovato

    Was the director of this “ad” the same person who thought Microsoft smart phones was a good idea?

  • Magrat22

    Wow is that supposed to be Steve Jobs? So not appropriate or funny.

  • They mention “Tim” but it looks like a frail Jobs.

  • Al

    Probably the same people who came up with Windows 8 and the ribbon toolbar.

  • WestCoastStar

    I’m sure the few remaining Windows Phones users are thrilled to see Microsoft profits going into producing such a pathetic and unconvincing ad.

  • Kirk

    Missed watching it. The vid is set on private now…

  • Supacon

    Julie Larson-Green? Nah, she’s Executive Vice-President of the Devices and Studios group there.

  • Supacon

    Oh, and as I’m sure you know, Steven Sinofsky was fired. He was in charge of Windows 8.

  • Someone else got a copy up. Not sure how long it will last:

  • added thanks

  • Stark

    Steve Jobs died in 2011…

  • Arcsvibe

    I prefer the “”banned”” iPhone ads. They are much better!

  • Magrat22

    It really does, Tim’s hair is nothing like the guy in the video. It’s just a terrible ad.

  • Magrat22

    Thanks, I’ve just returned from 2010 and wasn’t aware!

  • T Snow

    Its so funny to see how the other system dont look ahead to walk forward. They are always walking and looking to the sides. Thats why they will always be the last ones…

  • Stark

    Apparently you weren’t aware, because Steve Jobs would not have been alive during this video. Smartass.

  • WatDah

    Wow you’re hopeless….

  • Stark


  • WatDah

    Seriously? Ok, You asked for it.
    It is pretty obvious that the person with the black top is supposed to be Jobs. Tim wears a black shirt with collar, this person doesn’t. Hair style is also that of Jobs’. Which means, not only are they not acknowledging that Tim is the CEO and face of Apple now, they are also disregarding Tim’s work and possible influence on current products (be it good or bad). At the same time, they are referencing a deceased but widely respected iconic figure in the history of mankind, and basically accusing him of being responsible for this version of iPhone. On top of that, they put this together like Jobs was a fool who listened to these two pitching ideas like everyone was an idiot.
    Please rethink what this video is implying.

  • Stark

    This video was set in early 2013. Jobs died in 2011. Wow you’re hopeless.

    Please rethink what this video is implying.

  • WatDah

    That’s the point!! They are implying that the ALREADY DECEASED Jobs has everything setup, and completely disregarding the existence of Tim Cook and that Tim is not even part of the process. They are implying that “only a dead person would approve of these features”. Or “a dead person must have come up with these ideas cause they suck”.