Watch Microsoft’s New Surface Pro Ad Slam the iPad Pro [VIDEO]


Microsoft has once again revived its efforts of bashing the iPad with a new Surface Pro 4 commercial this week, which is aimed specifically at the iPad Pro. Apple has recently aired a new iPad Pro ad titled “What’s a computer?”, highlighting how the device is pretty much a full computer. However, Microsoft is challenging that claim in a new ad by mocking the lack of an Intel processor, full desktop versions of Office, trackpad and USB ports (via The Verge).

surface v pro

The ad titled “What’s a computer? Just ask Cortana” slams the iPad Pro by pointing out that while it has got a keyboard addition, it has no trackpad, no full desktop apps, or external ports. “I just got a keyboard,” says Siri in the commercial, “I’m a computer now, like you”. It’s similar to what we’ve seen in the past, but this time it’s Siri and Cortana in conversation.

Check out the ad embedded below and tell us what you think:


  • Dany Quirion

    I dont see Apple doing commercial agaisnt others.. this is such a childish behavior seriously.

  • Nigleet
  • Sam Poirier

    Nothing childish here. Go to YouTube and search for Mac vs PC commercials. That was one of the best marketing campaign ever. I’d say this latest ad from MS is quite familiar.

  • Quattro

    It was in response to the moronic ad by Apple that suggested an iPad could replace a regular computer.

  • chikaraginger

    Wha? Mac vs. PC, anyone? This is a great ad. And btw, Cortana’s voice technology is wonderful compared to Siri’s still Robotic voice. Hopefully this will stimulate Apple to improve Siri.

  • Zordan

    You don’t see Apple doing commercial against others? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA that’s funny. Grow up, you Apple blinded fanboy.

  • Jason

    Without going into details, anything apple rocks but the surface pro 4 also rocks. It’s a great device.