Microsoft Launches Site to Help Those Looking to Switch From MacBook to Surface Pro 3



Microsoft has launched a new website to help MacBook owners make the switch to Surface Pro 3. The campaign is aimed at users who are considering switching from a MacBook to one of Microsoft’s Surface tablets.

Microsoft’s “Making the Switch” site, which launched over the weekend, includes sections on Windows basics, a question and answer section on transitioning from a MacBook to a Surface Pro 3, content migrations, and how to use a Surface with an iPhone and iCloud.


The website contains a section dedicated to basic functions on a Surface Pro 3, like right-clicking, searching, downloading and installing applications, and more. Microsoft has included a section covering replacements for FaceTime and iMessage, recommending options like Skype for voice and video chat.

“The new site is the latest element in a long-running competitive marketing plan that didn’t exactly play out as expected when the Surface Pro 3 debuted. In the first wave of Surface Pro 3 reviews, those from longtime MacBook users were consistently negative.”


Microsoft has tried to attract iPad and MacBook users to its line of Surface tablets for the past several years.

Microsoft’s latest holiday ad (shown in the video above), which was released last month and is titled “Winter Wonderland,” puts the MacBook Air against the Surface Pro 3. The company says that the Surface is a tablet that is powerful enough to replace a high-end laptop.

[via ZDNet]


  • BrodieTheDog

    Give me that MacBook over the other any day. I use both and I am by far happier with the Mac. The Surface Pro is more like a glorified iPad or tablet.

  • LaBuick

    Is this post a joke?

  • Allan Descheneau

    I’d switch in a heartbeat. My issue is that all my content is trapped in iTunes. I’m in the cult now and there’s no way out.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Oh well, just make sure you save some kool-aid for the rest of us.

  • winnertakesteve

    I’m not saying surface is good or bad, but what they claim is their value proposition is just awful:
    -Use a pen to circle stuff
    -give yourself gorilla arm gesturing on an upright screen
    -hey a kickstand (seriously how is this even something to brag about?????)
    -we forgot to festively sing the line “keyboard sold separately”

  • Ronin

    iTunes has got to the most horrible piece of crap software on my Surface Pro 3 Tablet.

  • Ronin

    I use both for work, and would definitely chose the Surface Pro over the MacBook Pro. I use the built-in One Note daily for notes, as well as Illustrator for sketches. You can’t do any of that on a Macbook, and there is simply no Apple equivalent.