Microsoft Plans to Launch a Smartwatch in Time For This Holiday Season



According to a report from Forbes, Microsoft is ready to launch its wearable device within the coming weeks.

The report notes that Microsoft’s device will be a fitness-focused smartwatch, with built-in health sensors like a heart rate monitor. So far, the device sounds like almost every other smartwatch that has been released over the past few months. However, Microsoft’s wearable device is rumoured to work with multiple mobile platforms, including Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

The cross platform initiative by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella would only be strengthened if this report is accurate. Earlier this year, Microsoft released mobile versions of its three primary Office products (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on the iPad.

“Going cross platform is also consistent with Nadella’s drive to make his company’s product offerings available “across all devices”. His launch of Microsoft Office for the iPad in March marked a move away from the company’s Windows-only vision under Steve Ballmer.”

The new device from Microsoft is said to have a battery life which will lasts more than two days of regular use. This would give the company a big advantage over the Moto 360 and other Android Wear devices. We will not know the battery life of the Apple Watch until it is released, but some sources have said the device will need nightly charging.

If the rumour of the battery life in Microsoft’s upcoming wearable device is true, the company would have a significant edge over its competitors.

Back in May, it was reported that Microsoft’s wearable device would include features designed by the optical engineers on the Kinect team. These features could be used for motion tracking, home automation, or even gaming. The new device would also explain why the company created a keyboard that works with most Android Wear devices.

Unlike the Apple Watch, which won’t be available to the public until early 2015, Microsoft’s new device is rumoured to be available for the holiday season. The Apple Watch will start at $399, however, it is still unclear what Microsoft’s smartwatch will cost.


  • mstt

    Typo in 4th paragraph

    “We will not no the battery life”.,.. It should be ” we will not KNOW the battery life”

  • FragilityG4

    Could be interesting if the rumours are true … Cross platform and two day battery is a bright idea!

  • Nick

    Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • Anon

    Something to tie us over until the iWatch comes out.

  • Chrome262

    Humm, I wonder if MS is going to try to do what it did with the xbox, and try to dominate by overwhelming with features and low price. If it goes cross platform and offers most of the functionality of the android and ios, then it could be a real player. Why buy the apple watch or Android version when you have a cheaper watch that does the same thing, and lasts longer. If it can do the NFC and is compatible with apple pay, it could be a big problem for Apple.

  • Travis Pinky Mcdowell

    it sure as hell wont be apple pay compatible.

  • Chrome262

    true, but It might be with wallet.