Microsoft Surface Tops Apple iPad in New J.D. Power Customer Satisfaction Study


According to J.D. Power’s 2017 U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study, the Microsoft Surface has outranked the iPad with the highest overall score in consumer satisfaction.

This marks the first top spot win for Microsoft in all six years that J.D. Power has published the Tablet Satisfaction Study. The Microsoft Surface tablet earned a total 855 satisfaction score out of a possible 1,000 possible points. The study measures customer satisfaction by looking at five areas:

  • Performance (28 percent)
  • Ease of Operation (22 percent)
  • Features (22 percent)
  • Styling and Design (17 percent)
  • Cost (11 percent)

The study accounts for 2,238 tablet owners who have owned their current device for less than one year.

Microsoft’s win this year “is largely due to its top rankings in the features and styling & design factors.” The company earned top marks in categories related to the variety of pre-loaded applications, internet connectivity, availability of manufacturer-supported accessories, and overall design of the device.

The improvements to the stylus seem to be a big win for Microsoft, given that it saw 48 percent usage rate, which is actually 21 percent above the industry average.

For those of you who have tried a Microsoft Surface and an iPad, what do you think of the study’s findings? Let us know in the comments below.


  • KS

    Now Apple will “work” alongside JD Power “to figure out the issues encountered” and then voila JD Power too will reverse their decision.

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  • warpdrive

    Gary…. please kill this Troll!

  • Decodering

    As a longtime iPad owner (I just bought the new iPad 2017 to replace my iPad Air), I am still interested in buying a Surface Pro. I’ve played with one several times and really like it.

    I think Apple’s take on tablets is perfectly legitimate as well. But as much as I like my iPad for what it is, I still think the Surface Pro is a more interesting tool for all-around computing duties.

  • MAUL

    I personally have an iPad Air and a Surface Pro 3, I use my Surface as a laptop replacement as my work computer and it is the only time I use it I find that the Surface makes for a poor tablet due to size, weight, battery life, heat… when I’m at home I rather use my old iPad as it sits by the couch and its like quick and easy to browse something with that always on and its much lighter and comfortable to use. While at home my Surface never leaves my work bag as I prefer not to use it and if I really need to do something on a computer that cannot be done or is harder to do on an iPad I prefer to walk to my office and use my desktop still but that is just my personal preference.

  • Alexis T

    You are comparing apples to oranges? Surface pro should be pitted against iPad Pro.

    What computing power and duties are you looking for that iPad is unable to do?

  • Decodering

    I realise the comparison isn’t perfect, but I was just going with the flow of the article.

    My perspective is more based on how I enjoy working. I do lots of work on my iPad, but I generally don’t feel that iOS is as robust as I would like. I just prefer a desktop-like experience for work. The iPad Pro has the hardware chops to be a great laptop replacement, but iOS in its current form on the iPad needs more love.

    I know Apple will continue developing and improving iOS, and I will likely stay in the iOS universe. But at this point in time, I think the Surface Pro is a pretty good package.

  • PeterK

    I very much concur with your usage scenario of iPad/Surface. My wife uses Surface Pro 3 from her work, so I had many opportunities to test it out. In my opinion, Surface Pro is a laptop that happens to have a touch screen as a feature, while iPad is a tablet that happens to have a keyboard connectivity/attachment as a feature. So I believe choosing one over the other depends upon which side of usability the user places emphasis on.

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  • Quattro

    They’re still not the same market segment, so you should not attempt to compare them. You simply cannot do stuff on an iPad that you can on a Surface. And, for the tasks that they share equally, iPad is generally easier.

    Apple made the HUGE mistake of trying to compare the two in advertising. That was just incredibly dumb, because the Surface retaliation ads annihilated iPad.

  • NOHoldsBar

    Nope. Where have you been. There isn’t much interest in the iPad although I generally prefer it over the Surface pro. I fear the iPad will endure the same fate as Blackberry devices.

    Additionally, I simply hate windows 10 but for business users who need Microsoft office and require Windows then the surface wins easily.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I switched from my MacBook Air to a Surface Pro, but for tablet use, I still hang on to my iPad. Windows 10 sucks for tablet use. Windows 8.1 was better, but iPad is still best.