Microsoft Wants You to Give Windows Phone a Chance


Microsoft is three years behind the competition and is trying to erase consumers bad memories of previous devices. A few weeks back they built a giant Windows Phone in New York’s Herald Square, and earlier this week they launched a cheeky HTML5 based mobile site that invites Android and iPhone users to sample its Windows Phone OS.

By visiting you will be tunneled into a web based emulation of Windows Phone. The demo, which works surprisingly well, allows you to tap and swipe your way through some Windows Phone apps, such as messaging and e-mail.

Interaction is limited to pre-programed demos and you don’t get the full experience of Live Titles, for instance. Still, I think this is a great idea from Microsoft. Especially as a way to convince people that 7 isn’t 6.5. Will it convince me to drop my iPhone for a Microsoft device? — No.

What do you think of the Windows Phone demo?

Thanks to Wittgensteinian Alex C. for the pointer.


  • Anonymous

    Windows Phone looks promising and I have used them in store demos… I just think it has a bit of a way to go before it catches up to ios and then android

  • Brad

    Wow. That really sucked. It was so confusing. I couldn’t get back to the main menu. Way to mess up big Microsoft!

  • Anonymous

    If you follow the demo all the way through you’re prompted back to the main menu.

  • Pete

    I took a look. It is…



    And not to mention Ugly.

  • Adam Alistair

    Its gobbled gook. I wonder how often this fine microsoft product freezes?

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been there and done that. My first smartphone is Windows mobile phone. I had enough. Don’t wanna go there any more.

  • Edu

    I think windows previous “devises” sucks

  • Aristotles

    Uh, yeah but you apparently missed the point. You should not have to follow the demo to get back. The UI is ugly with too much scrolling a typography spilling over the screen. It has too many superfluous transitions.

    I’m a professional developer on the .NET platform and I have no desire to develop for the Windows Phone platform. You are pushed into using silverlight. Yuck. Give me some native code support. Give me at least the ability to mix in unmanaged C/C++ code into .NET and don’t’ force me to use Silverlight for the UI or XNA for games.

  • Kraken

    Well it’s different and innovative.  They certainly didn’t copy Apple on this one.

  • Dante

    Probably not nearly as much as my iPhone 4S.

  • Tim

    Kinda like what you see in the mirror everyday.

  • Let’s be nice

  • SinfulIP

    It’s different and refreshing to see.  I find that iOS and Android are “ugly” and boring.  It hasn’t changed in the past 5 years, and probably never will.

  • Adrian

    This is far from the first MS mobile phone, just like the 4S is far from the first iPhone.  Wait, hold on a sec. I take that back.  The first iPhone UI looks exactly the same as it did today. Hmm…

  • Pete

    Yes – be nice. For that comment, I should win the next contest!

  • Joe

    It just keeps loading for me?????

  • Meena00

    The new windows smartphones platform seems promising, though they really need to do some exceptional marketing for their products to come in the big league.

  • Noah Fang

    ………… of course, on your tiny 3.5″ screen, it certainly looks crowded. Have you tried it on 4″ beautiful Super Amoled + ??? 

     and you know what, it’s just a tour of introducing their OS, not like they were going to port the whole OS into a HTML5 webpage. You are the one who missed the point.