Microsoft Windows Store Coming to Over 100 Best Buy, Future Shop Locations


In an attempt to capture a larger audience, Microsoft has announced today it will open over 100 Windows Store locations inside Best Buy and Future Shop locations in Canada.

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The store-within-a-store concept will range from 1,500 to 2,200 square feet to allow customers to view, try and purchase the latest Windows-based tablets, PCS, Windows Phones, Microsoft Office, Xbox and more, with a standalone area dedicated to the Microsoft Surface. So while you’re browsing on the latest iPhone, iPad or Mac at Future Shop or Best Buy, you can also stroll over and check out rival offerings from Redmond.

The roll out is set to take place from late June through September. So if you love Microsoft, looks like you will be able to see more at your local Best Buy or Future Shop location, that is if it wasn’t part of the surprise closings from earlier this year, part of the company’s ‘renew blue’ policy.

Anyone excited for this?


  • ward09

    Barf. The computer section is already pretty much a Microsoft store.

  • m Arch Tom’s on Bar N Ass

    i was gonna say ! I bet this is just a follow-up to branding strategy suggested earlier this year and creating showrooms then but no sales (or not a lot of sales) in addition, who is actually going to make a purchase for pc’s or consumer electronic at best buy or future shop? (these days) Immigrants ? labors? sales attendants ? assistants ? definetely not the consumer market. marc

  • xxxJDxxx

    I’ve been slowly shopping for a tablet (mostly waiting for iPad5) and played with all the in store offerings from apple, android and windows. Loaded the same few sites on all of them. A few of the android tablets froze/hung, crashed, or took like 30 seconds to load cnet. The ipad was quick and responsive with no issues. The windows tabs were somewhere in between. They worked ok, not the fastest, but the actual UI was awkward to use. Too much swiping in from the side trying to figure out how to bring up different menus. It just felt like a hodge podge of touch interface and pointer interface (which it is, really).

  • Anon

    I just bought the Surface Pro (stay away from the RT version, it’s slow). The Metro UI was odd at first as I’m used to seeing the usual 5×6 wall of icons on my iPad. But after a couple of days of usage, I actually love it. Metro on the Pro version very smooth, especially multitasking between several programs. I use it more than my Macbook Air now. It’s one of the few MS products I actually like.