Facebook for iOS to Soon Support Vertical Videos in the News Feed


If you have always wanted to view vertical videos on Facebook for iOS in full screen (without those black borders), it’s arriving soon in an upcoming update, the social network confirmed to Marketing Land (via Mashable).

A Facebook spokesperson said “We know that people enjoy more immersive experiences on Facebook, so we’re starting to display a larger portion of each vertical video in News Feed on mobile.”

Facebook VerticalVideoFeed 1920

Vertical videos in your news feed will show up in a 2:3 aspect ratio, so the don’t take up your entire screen, just like Snapchat. Once support for vertical videos arrive, users just need to tap on the video, which will then show an option in the top right to expand to full screen.

The upcoming update–set to arrive to support vertical videos will also apply to your uploads, plus Facebook ads and live broadcasts. Surely, the push is for advertisers to get more real estate on your iOS or Android device.

Last year, YouTube for iOS was updated to support videos filmed in portrait as well. People just can’t get away from filming vertical videos, so it looks like apps will just have to keep supporting them.


  • Aleks Oniszczak

    About time!

  • Dehop

    I hate vertical videos myself, but sometimes there’s just no choice.

    In video mode the reduced field of view makes it impossible to capture content in landscape if 1) the content can’t fit vertically in landscape… but fits fine in portrait, and 2) you have no room to move back a step or three.

    It’s super-annoying viewing the result on traditional landscape screens of computers and TV, but if they’re meant to be consumed on phones and tablets, then it doesn’t really matter.

  • Friends don’t let friends take videos in vertical.