MobileMe To ‘Get A Lot Better In 2011’ – Steve Jobs


MobileMe is Apple’s email, photo/file hosting, and syncing service for iOS devices and Mac/PC’s. The service costs an annual $109.00 and over the years, user responses to the service have been mixed.

Some users love the service and use it religiously while others feel that the $109 annual price is too high for similar services that can be used elsewhere for free. Speaking of free, Apple recently made MobileMe’s Find My iPhone free for users of iOS devices, making it even more difficult for users to accept the regular annual service cost.

Apple MobileMe

Aside from costs, some users (myself included) have also experienced performance and access issues with MobileMe, specifically around syncing and integrating data among multiple devices. Two notable examples would be Mail and Calendar syncing.

Frustrated with the experience, a MobileMe member decided to email Apple CEO Steve Jobs to share his dissatisfaction and to inquire about future service improvements. Apparently Jobs replied. Check out the exchange below.

User email:

I love my iPad and iPhone4 and am a huge fan of yours and all that Apple does. I desperately want to stay inside of Apple’e ecosystem as much as possible.

However, MobileMe is making it very difficult for me to do so. Unreliable/unpredictable syncing, creating duplicate entries (sometimes scores of them), etc. It’s almost unusable.

And I know from forums (including Apple’s own support boards) that I am not the only one experiencing these very real and frustrating problems.

Please tell me it will get better, and soon?

Jobs’ reply:

A: Yes, it will get a lot better in 2011.

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So current and prospective MobileMe users have a positive 2011 to look forward to. While improvements are nice, Jobs’ reply does make it unclear whether Apple is planning significant feature upgrades or if the performance of the service will simply be improved. 2011 is just around the corner, so we’ll see what happens.



  • I only had one issue with duplicate entries with calendars and/or contacts. Using my Mac I stored all the info from ME to my mac, refreshing ME, then pushing my information back from my Mac. That being the first and only issue I have ever epeeienced it was easy enough to fix, and never experienced it again.

    $109 a year seems like a lot at first look, but if you break it down it’s less then $10 a month

    Although just like this page says, not everyone agrees I personally look forward to the enhancmense coming in the future to the service I already love.

  • Anonymous

    I only got it to have the find my iPhone feature, then they made that free. I hate Outlook mail so syncing mail is useless until it will sync with Thunderbird. Contact syncing randomly deleted all my contacts for no apparent reason, so I shut that down. I have used the on-line gallery to share photos.

    Hope they improve it a lot!

  • Bubblewrap74

    Except it *isn’t* really free… only for iphone4 users.

  • SF

    I really dont see why people pay for this, esp now that Find my iPhone is free! Just set up your gmail via Exchange and you have the best sync for your contacts, emails and calendar.

  • Brian

    Does MobileMe do anything that Google doesn’t already do for free? Can’t believe people pay for this.

  • Jbohn

    I didn’t pay $109 when I renewed my MobileMe account last year… depends on where you look. I totally found it worth the price. Now it’s a little less worth it because I could get Find My iPhone for free, but other than the syncing I like Back To My Mac file and scree sharing and the MobileMe galleries. The integration with my mac at home, my mac at work and my iPhone are great.

  • I am actually pretty lucky. Since my bro works for apple I got mobile me free all the time as I am a family user. I love mobile me! But yeah if I wasn’t getting it free I would not pay 109 for it yearly.

  • MJH

    I’ve been a ‘me’ member for a number of years (early .mac days) and have always found it to be reliable, intuitive and efficient. I have two iMacs (work and home), iPhone and recently added my iPad, and iLuv how everything just works. I was surprise to see all the negative comments on here as I’ve never experience duplicate entries, nor did I spend the $109 just so I can have the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature. If I loose my iPhone it’ll have my right or left hand attached and I’ll have bigger issues then.

    I agree Xaroc its only $109 I think most of us make that in an hour or so. Looking FW to the new features in ’11 go Stevie go!!!

  • ojamali

    @MJH: I dont know what you are smoking dude but most of us dont make $ 100 and up/hour. If you believe that the iphone’s primary target market is customers who earn $ 100/hr and up then i doubt it would be in so many hands around me. FYI an average household in Canada makes b/w $ 70K – 100K based on which province they live and thats with 2 incomes/household.

  • Noahattic

    i sometimes don’t really understand why ppl are paying $109 every year for worse service….. please forgive me, i am so cheap. i don’t make $100/hr. so I use google sync. it does everything i want and works like charms.

    btw, i don’t find i really need Find my iPhone feature since I always turn off the location service to save some battery.

  • Anonymous

    MobileMe also offers website domain hosting : ) not a lot of people know about that