Mockups Show ‘iPhone 8’ Homescreen with iPad-Like Dock, Edge Gesture Indicator [PICS]


Earlier today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman shared a scoop of how Apple’s iPhone 8 would work without a Home button, with gestures replacing the physical button instead.

The report claims ‘iPhone 8’ will see an iPad-like dock in iOS 11, and the report seems to have answered questions developers have had regarding the motion controls they have discovered within iOS 11 beta.

Steve Stroughton-Smith shared on Twitter what the iPhone 8 homescreen could look like, with an iPad-style dock and edge gesture indicator, as per the mockup below created by @charavel:

Iphone 8 homescreen 2

Below is another mockup, showing the Health app. The top ‘notch’ cutout shows off left and right sides of the top display, what Bloomberg says internally are called ‘ears’ by Apple employees. The left ear displays the time, while on the right we see indicators such as antenna signal, Wi-Fi and battery. Again, at the very bottom, we see a line ‘indicator’, showing that’s where you can gesture up:

Iphone 8 homescreen

Stroughton-Smith goes on to say “So it really looks like these iOS 11 gestures from back in May (as found by @_inside) were destined for iPhone 8/D22 all along”. The concept video below shows what gestures could look like for iPhone 8 in iOS 11:


Apple is expected to hold its fall iPhone 8 event on September 12, according to multiple reports. We should see press invites sent out this week, or on the long weekend at the latest.


  • Chrome262

    how big is the 8 going to be, from rumor?

  • fairy

    it’s gonna be huuuuuuge – 9″

  • Shawn B

    10″ man

  • Joe

    But how do you get to the home screen? I see multitasking options, which is great, but how do I return to the home screen? Pretty neat, but between this and the disappearance of Touch ID, it looks like Apple is going to be messing with a lot of core features this year.

  • Mrleblanc

    Force touch the bottom bezel ?

  • Stefan

    Hey Hey! No force touching! Only consented 3D touching is allowed.

  • Chrome262

    LOL so a iPad mini lol