Mockups Reveal What a 5-Inch iPhone Could Look Like [PICS]


Russian site (via MacRumors) has posted a mockup concept of what a 5-inch iPhone could look like. Rumours have been flying lately Apple would produce a larger iPhone model (ridiculously attributed with the name ‘Math’), but that was knocked down this morning by further reports only two 4-inch models would be released this year.

The mockup below shows a larger 5-inch iPhone with a 4.8-inch screen, along with six rows of icons, all based on the current iPhone 5 aluminum design:

Iphone math prototype

Below is a video showcasing more of the concept:

Rene Ritchie over at iMore writes a must-read about the case for creating of a larger 5-inch iPhone:

The first way Apple could go to, or at least get closer to, 5-inches is simply by increasing the physical size of the current iPhone 5 display and keeping the 1136×640 pixel count the same. That would result in larger pixels, however, meaning lower pixel density.

At 4 inches, the the 1136×640 iPhone 5 has the same pixel density as the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, or 326ppi. What happens if you stretch that out close to 5-inches? Interestingly, it goes to 264ppi. That’s the pixel density of the Retina iPad. It’s a density Apple already manufacturers, much like the shrunken iPad mini display was also a density Apple already manufactured, the 163 ppi of the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.

5 inch iphone mockup hand

Will Apple release a larger iPhone and succumb to demands for a larger smartphone? That isn’t Apple’s game to follow what the market wants; then again we did the release of the iPad mini, which the late Steve Jobs had dismissed in the past. The issues against a larger iPhone would be the burden placed on developers if a new resolution is introduced, plus maintaining iPhone Retina pixel density expectations set at 326ppi. Anything less will be ‘seen’ as a disappointment.

A larger iPhone…yay or nay?


  • K3

    just give the ipad mini the ability to take calls via headphone mic.

  • My iPhone 5 screen is a huge step up from my 4S, but I long for a larger screen size…without switching to Android-based phones.

  • FragilityG4

    Not for me. I like my phone to fit in my pocket not a backpack.

  • Edge

    This would be great! The DPI on my retina iPad is fine and I use it at about the same distance as my phone. I used to follow the argument if wanting the phone to fit it my pocket and discovered the Samsung S3 to fit perfectly fine standing or sitting, so unless you’re a very tiny person that argument is moot. I love Apple stuff, and my iPhone, but for the first time, jumping to Samsung is tempting, and size is a big part of that. Apple doesn’t like to follow or play catch up, but they need to do just that – their sales figures decline shows that to be true.

  • FragilityG4

    I find the four inch screen perfect. Anytime I want something larger, which isn’t often, I have my iPad.

    Personal preference, makes for good discussion though.

  • Kirk

    Nay! I like the fact that I can still use just my thumb to text and touch things on the screen. This bigger phone would blow that concept to hell.

  • Jonathan W.

    Since I have big hands, I’d be ok with that size. I wouldn’t mind a larger screen version of the 4S either.

  • Jack

    Just like how before you probably thought the 3.5″ screen was perfect… right?