Mod Kit Gives the iPhone SE a Curved iPhone 6s-Style Chassis



Though some early rumours suggested the iPhone SE would have an iPhone 6-like design, it actually shipped in a chassis virtually identical to the iPhone 5s. Several Chinese manufacturers have created iPhone SE-styled casings styled like the iPhone 6s, dubbed the “iPhone 6 SE.”


Taking the parts from an official iPhone SE and cramming them into a new iPhone 6s-style backplate, Computer Bild constructed their own custom chassis. The design features a smaller backplate in a 4-inch form factor with rounded edges to fit the iPhone SE.

The company advised not to perform the upgrade if you’ve never opened an iPhone before.


Knock-off Chinese companies who made the phony “iPhone 6 SE” backplates included the official Apple logo and the iPhone 6 model number, but Computer Bild cautioned that this is not a high-quality part.

The Lightning and headphone connectors do not rest flush with the edge of the device, and buttons are difficult to press. There are also some cosmetic changes, including a camera hole that actually cuts through the casing’s antenna lines. Still, considering its low price (rear shells can be bought for under $20), testers said the “iPhone 6 SE” is “suitable for daily use.”

[via Cult of Mac]


  • Wall Man

    Where there is an iPhone there is an accessory. How about just a case?

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    iPhone 6 style is worse than iPhone 5, so I won’t be buying it. But I would love a iPhone 3G mod kit for the iPhone SE – it was by far the most comfortable iPhone to hold (along with the 3GS of course)

  • Ashley Mann

    Poor mans 6s lol : ) Just save a wee bit more and be a real man & get the 6s already. lol

  • Nick

    I would assume this is for people who want the iPhone 6s-like design without the bulk of a case 🙂

  • aaloo

    Man, if it wasn’t this cheap looking and poorly crafted. but hey, its only 20 bucks.