As the ModMy Cydia Repository Shuts Down, Jailbreaking Slowly Fades in Popularity [u]


ModMy has announced that is has archived its repository on Cydia, a popular alternative to the AppStore for downloading apps, themes, and other files on jailbroken iPhones and other iOS devices.

The popular ZodTTD/MacCiti repo also closed its doors last week. This means that two out of three of Cydia’s major repositories are, as of now, no longer active.

Per a post on ModMy’s website, BigBoss is now the recommended repository in the jailbreaking community, one of the last primary Cydia sources that in still functional.

With these two services shutting down, jailbreaking seems to be on its way out for iOS devices. There hasn’t been a jailbreak for iOS 11 yet, despite being available for months. Additionally, there aren’t as many benefits to using cracked versions of iOS.

“With that, jailbreaking will be relegated to a hobby for nostalgic veterans who’ve grown up patching previous versions of iOS on older devices,” explains TNW. “And while Apple saw the practice as detrimental to its business and to its product experience, it in fact represented the incredible enthusiasm, curiosity and tenacity of scores of fans who wanted more from the company’s gadgets.”

Jailbreaking does violate Apple’s End User License Agreement all users agree to, and albeit not illegal, it does violate your iOS device’s warranty coverage.

“When you get fewer people bothering to jailbreak, you get fewer developers targeting interesting things, which means there’s less reasons for people to jailbreak,” said Cydia creator Jay Freeman, to Motherboard. “Which means there’s fewer people jailbreaking, which causes there to be less developers bothering to target it. And then you slowly die.”


  • zerobrand

    I haven’t jailbreak my iPhone since late 2010, beside getting some “free” apps and games, i could barely see any benefits worth all the troubles.

  • Wynncy Manalad

    I love jailbreaking. Keep it coming please??

  • I agree. Everything I use to jailbreak for is now standard in iOS. I think themes would be the only thing for me at this point.

  • Nick

    I used to jailbreak to tether my iPhone to my iPad and other devices. It always worked significantly better than personal hotspot, and gave me more options as far as network name and type go.

  • Kirk

    Ah jail breaking… the last time I jailbreaked was on my iPhone 4 I believe.. wow can’t even remember it’s been so long. Just not useful anymore. Themes don’t even look that great anymore. It’ll soon be a thing of the past…

  • Sad times when Apple add a few features here and there to prevent developers from innovating and the once-great jailbreak community seem to be content with it.

    If I could jailbreak my iPhone X, I’d do it in a heartbeat.