Moneris Announces Support for Apple Pay in Canada


Credit card and debit card processor Moneris has announced support for Apple Pay today, the day of the mobile wallet’s launch in Canada. The company states 85 per cent of Moneris terminals in use the 350,000 retailer locations they support here are capable of supporting Apple Pay.

Moneris Solutions CEO, Angela Brown, said in a statement “With Apple Pay, Canadians now have another seamless and secure choice for how they want to pay,” along with “We are ready and excited to make those purchases happen.”

The company press release mentioned retail partners Indigo Books and western retailer London Drugs as examples of being Apple Pay ready. You can find a list of merchants to try Apple Pay at here and here.

Moneris says all point-of-sale terminals shipped from the company—wired or wireless—support contactless payments, such as Apple Pay, including their PAYD mobile solutions.

Nearly three months ago when Moneris started to inform merchants their terminals were Apple Pay ready, many suspected a launch in Canada would be imminent sometime this year, as the company’s Insights blog continued to post regularly about Apple Pay.


  • To bad Canadian’s couldn’t use THIER Canadian cards, screw AMEX!

  • Jay

    Now its a race for the first bank to accept apple pay and get my business

  • Rio

    You need to be saying screw the banks, they are ones holding it up 😛

  • True! Thanks AMEX for bringing Apple Pay to Canada.

  • Ed Cicci

    I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. The banks had their chance but were to stupid to take it.

  • fmgasparino

    Yeah, let’s show them we want Apple Pay. I have a VISA and Master. I just signed up for AMEX and will cancel my VISA….

  • Jesse

    However with that TD leak, I think we may be on to something now…

  • f1ght3r

    RBC offers Apple Pay in the US so I’m hoping they’ll bring here (soon)

  • Ed Cicci

    I hope you’re right. Although I love my Amex card, being able to use a Visa card would provide greater flexibility.

  • Jesse

    Yeah I’m hoping! Although to be honest I think I’m more eager for the banks to get on board with their INTERAC. But then again I’m with BMO and they don’t even support INTERAC flash yet….

  • There may be something brewing, but people could be waiting forever. An AMEX card for Apple Pay changes the game when you need it.

  • Anthony ?

    Not entirely sure what you’re saying here. Canadian AMEX customers can use their Canadian AMEX cards with Apple Pay. If you’re upset about not being able to use VISA or MC, blame the Canadian banks for being a group of backwards dinosaurs, not AMEX for being a forward-thinking company. You *could* have Apple Pay with your VISA or MasterCard if RBC, Scotia, TD, and the rest got their heads out of their ass and supported it instead of trying to home brew their own, likely inferior, solution.

  • Bill

    What about US based banks with cards in Canada such as Capital One (Costco)? Are they looking to expand there Apple Pay abilities to Canada?

  • No word, but you can bet as Apple Pay popularity surges here with Amex, others will want in on the action.