Montreal Cracks Down on UberX, 40 Vehicles Seized in Recent Weeks


UberX drivers have had their vehicles seized in recent weeks in Montreal, as the city has cracked down on the ride-sharing service, which allows any private citizen to drive passengers for fares.

According to the Toronto Star, Montreal’s taxi bureau along with the province has been cracking down on UberX since March, as they both consider the service illegal:

“We consider this a form of illegal transport because these people don’t have a permit that allows them to transport people,” Alain Rochon, director of the bureau, said in an interview Monday. “These people are contravening the law.”

UberX drivers are also hit with a $350 fine with their first vehicle seizure, plus costs involved with impounding push the total penalties involved to roughly $1,000.

UberX is currently available in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax; the service shut down in Calgary and Vancouver. As for Edmonton, the company recently won a court battle aimed at preventing the service in the city, now allowing it to operate freely, with future plans to revise bylaws and allow ride-sharing companies legal.

Quebec Transport Minister Robert Poeti said “With UberX, it’s totally illegal right now and when you do something illegal in front of the law, you could have a few problems.”

What do you think about UberX in your city?


  • MGSayah

    Unnecessary use of resources… They should concentrate on making the taxi service cheaper, more reliable and more user friendly. I mean seriously, who still uses their phone to call a taxi, which will eventually never show up because they’ve decided to pick up someone along the road before getting to you. Uber is also great, the government should back it up, why? Because by requiring you to use “credit cards and debit cards” for payments and having your entire trips logged on a map, tax fraud will essentially be dead in this industry.
    Taxi drivers always say “sorry cash only, the credit card terminal is broken, when in reality it’s perfectly functional they just wanna avoid keeping traces…

  • Tim

    My thoughts: “F**k off, regulators. The taxi service in this city is a delapitated pile of horse sh*t. Maybe if cabbies didn’t hmm and haw about taking a credit card or resort to pulling out a paper swipe machine, they’d begin to scratch the surface of the improvments Uber offers.”

  • Noel

    Love Uber!!!!!!!!!

  • bionicmonk

    Quebec sucks, generally speaking. In every way.